Snowman from felt

Feather is a wonderful material for crafts. It does not pour, it is easily cut, and toys made of this material are surprisingly lovely and pleasant to the touch. In this article, we will learn how to make snowmen out of felt with our own hands.

Snowman from felt - master class №1

To make these cuties, we will need:

So, how do you make a snowman out of felt?

  1. First draw 3 circles on the felt with the compass. Their diameters are 10, 8 and 6 cm. Cut out along the contour. Next is a pattern of handles.
  2. To carve out the hands of a snowman, first we sew two felt together - white and blue, then we lay out the pattern on a double-folded fabric, we circle and immediately stitch the details, after - we cut out 2 hands and lightly fill them with sinters.
  3. Now go to the scarf and hat. For them, we cut rectangles of different widths. The dimensions of the cap are not indicated, because you need to make it on the finished head to accurately guess with the size. Rectangle for the hat stitching, we turn out, one end is cut into thin strips, we tighten it into a pompon. Just cut the ends of the scarf. It turns out pretty nice hat. If desired, we decorate the gloves and hat with bead embroidery.
  4. We begin the assembly of the snowman. We pull our circles-blanks in a circle, stuff them and get such "snow" lumps.
  5. Through a hole in our head we make out the face of a snowman - we sew our eyes and embroider our mouths with thread-mulina. From the clay we mold a nose-carrot, we paint it with acrylic paint of orange color, we will glue it on super-glue.
  6. We collect all the lumps - they can be stitched, or can be glued on hot glue. Adding to our marvelous snowman the rouge and nose - and he's ready!
  7. We make small snowmen according to the Tildov pattern, and all the details are made in the same way as the master class described above.

Snowman from felt - master class №2

Snowman Olaf from felt

In this master class, let's try to figure out how to sew the famous snowman Olaf from the cartoon "Cold Heart" from felt. The pattern for him is quite complicated.

From the materials we will need:

We cut out all the details on the felt, cut them out and sew, as shown in the photo. First we prepare the details for the trunk.

After this, we pass to the legs - we squander them, we turn them out. We fill all the finished details with synth. After - we sew them together. It turns out the body, while that without a head and hands.

We proceed to the head: on the cut halves, first we squeeze out the grooves, then join the two halves, fill it with sintepuhom and sew "hair" to them.

We sew the nose and mouth, mark the places where the eyes will be in the future. Eyebrows and eyes are also made of felt. Ready head sewn to the body.

It remains to make hands. To do this, we need a little wire, on which we wind the pieces of sintered fiber and weave them into the details of the hands. Hands are obtained by "bending".

After that, the ready hands will be sewn on the sides of the trunk, and our wonderful Olaf is ready! Do not forget to also stick a few black buttons. If desired, you can sew for Olaf girlfriend - everything is done by analogy, only some details are added - a bow in the hair, red buttons.

Such snowmen from felt and fleece (it is also often used for such crafts) can be an excellent gift for the child and even for an adult. If desired, by the New Year you can sew also the Santa Claus , Snegurochka and deer. The main thing is that toys are made with great love and therefore give only positive emotions.