How to make a table for dolls?

Each girl wants to have a house for dolls, in which there will be furniture, dishes, and even mats in the bathroom !. To make the dreams of the little princesses come true, we have prepared a master class, after reading which you will learn how to make your own hands a table for dolls. No material costs are not required.

Master Class

We will need:

  1. Before you start making your own hands a toy table for feeding dolls, you need to determine its size. Toy furniture should look harmoniously in the doll house. After that, cut out the plywood countertop. Movement cutter must be sure that the slices do not remain "burrs." Then from the plywood, cut out four slats. They will need to be glued and put under the countertop, so the size of this frame should be several centimeters shorter than the length and width of the table top.
  2. Lubricate the frame with glue and attach to the table top. From above it is possible to put the book, that the frame was densely pressed to a table-top. It's time to choose the required length of legs. Before cutting off excess, make sure that all four legs have exactly the same length. An error of even one millimeter will cause the table to be unstable.
  3. Lubricate one end of the stem with glue and glue it to the inside corner of the frame under the countertop. While the glue does not "grasp", hold the foot. Similarly, glue the other three legs. Then turn the table over, placing it on the legs, and put the book on top. Make sure that the toy table does not stagger, and there are no gaps between the legs and the surface on which it stands. Wait until the glue dries, and only then can remove the load from the table.
  4. The toy table for dolls is ready, but before you give it to the new owner, be sure to treat all sections with sandpaper so that the child does not get injured. It remains to handle the doll furniture with a transparent varnish, and if desired, you can paint the table so that it is combined with the interior of the doll house.

If you have free time and a small cut of fabric, sew a tablecloth for the new doll table, which will make the atmosphere in the house more cozy. It will take no more than an hour of time, and the result will certainly please the mistress of the doll house.

With your hands for dolls, you can also make other furniture .