How to use the steamer?

The main difference between an iron and a steamer is the principle of smoothing the fabric. The iron makes direct contact with the material, whereas the steamer does not come into contact with it. There are a variety of types of these devices, differing in the size and number of nozzles. The most interesting is the vertical floor steamer, and how to use it - in this article.

How to use the steamer for clothes?

Here is the operating manual:

  1. Assemble the device by inserting the telescopic rack into the body of the device. Open the rack retainers, pull it up and fasten the latches. Hang the steam iron on the fixture and connect the steam hose to the housing.
  2. Pour cold water into the tank and insert it into the housing.
  3. Those who are interested in how to use a handheld steamer should answer that now you need to pull the cord out of the socket and insert it into the socket. As soon as the indicator lights, you can press the steam button and start working.
  4. Steam iron should be moved from below upwards or from top to bottom, but not horizontally. In addition, it is not necessary to tilt the steam supply button back, as this may cause the liquid to leak out.
  5. To help the couple penetrate deep into the tissue, you can use a brush. To do this, the clamp is installed on the steam brush so that the fabric is in the middle between the plane of the steam iron and the latch. You can remove the brush only when the appliance is switched off, when steam does not escape from the openings.
  6. Those who are interested in how to use the steamer for curtains should be told that after washing and drying they should be immediately hung on the curtains and then proceed to steam treatment, pulling the canvas in the middle and ironing the upper part, and then pulling the lower part, ironing the fabric from the middle and down.