Snail of Melania

Sometimes the most ordinary at first glance aquarium pets present their breeders with surprises. For example, aquarium snails of melania are not at all simple and can shock an inexperienced aquarist. Yes, and in the aquarium, they often appear randomly.

A Surprising Snail of Melania

What is so unusual or surprising in the snail can be? Let's start with the fact that this species is different in the night way of life, but lives in the ground. In other words, during the day you can not even notice it at all, because her way of life is very secretive. Usually, aquarists learn about this inhabitant when they begin to clean the bottom and reconsider the soil.

No less surprising is the fact that snails melanii in the aquarium - something like an indicator of quality. The fact is that many plants and aquarium inhabitants can prompt their behavior with the necessary manipulations to improve conditions. But it is this snail that you will not notice until it even begins to come out to the surface of the ground even in the day and go higher on the walls where there is more oxygen.

Many species of snails , plants and even fish are introduced to maintain water quality and purify it. However, in the case of this snail, everything is ambiguous: although it cleans the soil of the remnants of fish food, it pollutes the aquarium with waste of its vital activity. Why do snails of melania in the aquarium turn out to be, if their value is not high? Usually getting aquarium snails melania pure accident or dishonesty of sellers: this species of viviparous and very small individuals fall into the aquarium on the roots of plants. It is very difficult to see them, and only with growth do they betray themselves. And if you add here and the night way of life, then this intruder will be discovered soon.

A melanie snail is a real fighter for life and it will be able to adapt to almost any conditions. Neither the hardness of water, nor acidity do not excite this snail, and in the matter of temperature it is very unpretentious and capable of feeling comfortable within 22-28 ° C. Although it is a resident of freshwater reservoirs, melania will survive, if necessary, in slightly salted water. The only thing that is important for this resident is a soil with granules of about 4 mm and no souring.

If you still decide to keep this snail for yourself and multiply it, you need two individuals of opposite sexes. But be prepared for the fact that they will multiply quickly and catastrophically. But they eat absolutely any particles that can go for food.