Schnitzel of pork in a frying pan

Schnitzels were removed to our cooking from German cuisine. This dish assumes a juicy slice of meat tenderloin, fried certainly in breading, since without it it's quite another dish. Breading can be the most varied and include traditionally the egg, flour or biscuit, or be more original and refined with the addition of a variety of spices, cheeses, and even vegetables.

Below we will consider options for making pork schnitzel, although any other meat can be used if desired.

How to cook schnitzel from pork in a frying pan - a recipe?



Pork loin is cut into pieces approximately one and a half centimeter thick and beat off with a kitchen hammer, covering the meat with food film. Mix the flour with salt, ground black pepper and add at will a ground sweet paprika. We pan off beaten meat layers in the resulting mixture, then dipped in a whipped egg until uniform and crumble in breadcrumbs. Immediately, we determine the schnitzel in a hot mixture of vegetable and butter and brown each side for one and a half to two minutes.

When ready, serve schnitzel with a slice of lemon. Separately, you can serve fresh vegetables or light vegetable salad .

Chopped pork schnitzel in a frying pan



To cook chopped schnitzel, pork pulp is washed with cold water, we dry it thoroughly with paper towels and get rid of film and tendons. Then shred the meat in small pieces and put it in a bowl. We add an egg, ground black pepper, at the request of spices and mix.

The remaining two eggs are broken up to homogeneity with a fork or a halo. We add bread crumbs into a separate bowl. From chopped meat, we form oval schnitzels, dipped them in egg mass, breaded thoroughly in breadcrumbs and put them in a frying pan with red-hot oil.

How much to grill chopped schnitzel from pork in a frying pan depends on what thickness of a product you have formed. On average, it takes from three to seven minutes on each side.

Schnitzel made of pork in a frying pan in breaded with cheese



Pork tenderloin is cut across the fibers in slices one and a half centimeters thick and slightly beat off, covering the surface with food film. Soak prepared pieces in soy sauce, seasoning them before this ground mixture of peppers.

In twenty minutes we will begin to fry the schnitzels. In the meantime, we will grate hard cheese on a shallow grater, and chilled eggs to a splendor.

We impregnated pork with marinade moisture, paniruem in flour, then immersed in the egg mass and then roll in the cheese chips. To be sure, we will soak the schnitzel from all sides in breadcrumbs and define it in a frying pan with a thick bottom, in which a mixture of vegetable and butter was preheated to an average temperature.

We hold the schnitzels until browning on medium heat, take them out on a dish, dip excess fat with a napkin or a paper towel and cover for a few minutes with a foil sheet, turning the edges.

According to this recipe, the meat is juicy and incredibly tasty.