Salads for children

Salads have many admirers among people all over the world. The products in the salads are selected in such a way that the dish was not only tasty, but also useful. So you can not think of a better meal for your baby. Moreover, not all children have a good appetite, and a salad can attract a young foster not only with its taste qualities, but also with beautiful design.

The most useful salads for children necessarily include carrots, since this vegetable is rich in carotene, which is extremely important for the harmonious growth of your crumbs. Beet, pumpkin and dried apricots also must necessarily enter the diet of each baby. For dessert, you can offer a mixture of apple, orange, banana, honey with the addition of nuts and dried fruits. In general, the process of preparing children's salads leaves a lot of room for creativity, especially with regard to the design of salads for children. After all the child for certain will involve cut from fruit and vegetables flowers, laid out muzzles of animals and multi-colored slices.

Salads from vegetables for children must be prepared immediately before consumption. At the beginning of the meal, they improve appetite and stimulate the work of the intestines. All ingredients should be fresh and well washed, especially when it comes to salads for a one-year-old child.

Here are a few recipes for salads for children, which are especially useful and easy to prepare.

Beetroot salad for children

Beetroot will give the baby a lot of vitamins, improve eyesight, immune system, and also normalizes metabolism. Beetroot salad is recommended for children from the age of three.



Beetroot is cooked until ready, and then cleaned. After that, it should be rubbed on a large grater. Prunes are washed and poured hot boiled water for 10 minutes. Bones from it are removed, and the flesh itself is finely chopped. Yolk and walnuts are ground, after which all ingredients are mixed with the addition of sour cream.

Vegetable spring salad for children

In the spring, the child's organism especially needs vitamins and minerals. Of those vegetables that are available during this period, you can make a wonderful salad for three-year-old kids and older children.



All vegetables are thoroughly washed. You can soak them in water for about 10 minutes. The radish is cut into thin slices, and the cucumber is cut into small cubes. If you cook a salad with cabbage, it is finely shredded. The leaves of the salad are cut into large pieces. Onions with rhubarb are cut across thin slices. All vegetables mix well. After this, you need to start preparing the sauce from the carefully mixed with sour cream yolk. Salad is poured with sauce immediately before serving.

Fruit salad with yogurt

This recipe for fruit salad for children can be changed depending on the taste preferences of the baby and what kind of fruit is presently in the fridge. In the standard "complete" salad is this.



All fruits are washed. The banana is peeled. Apple and pear are released from the head. The fruit pulp is cut into small cubes, dressed with yogurt and mixed in a bowl. A minute later the salad is ready for use. During this time, the fruit will release the juice a little. Prepare this salad is not worth it, as its taste and useful properties deteriorate very quickly. We recommend to pay much attention to decorating such a salad for children. To do this, you can use chocolate chips, pieces of nuts, chocolate dragees and everything that my mother's imagination will have.