Rice porridge on the water

Rice porridge on the water is considered a classic diet dish, which is part of the curative, or children's menu. If you decide to cook this dish as a garnish, then we will help to make it so that it became not only part of the diet, but also pleased you in the days of the "belly holiday".

Preparation of rice porridge on the water

For a simple rice porridge there are several subtleties that will help to prepare a quality and aesthetically pleasing dish. Firstly, before cooking, rice grains should be picked: unsuitable for disposal, and the remaining ones should be washed to clean water. Washing is necessary not only to clean the grains of dust, but also to remove excess starch from the surface of grains, and fat that can get on them during storage. The correct washing is carried out in two stages: first in warm water (starch is removed), and then in hot (fat).

On this fineness ends, and we can begin to prepare a delicious rice porridge on the water.

Recipe for crumbly rice porridge on the water

There are several ways to cook crumbly rice porridge, which we will discuss below.



The first way: water is boiled and salted, we put into it prepared rice croup, at the rate of 1 glass of rice for 2 glasses of water. Immediately add a piece of creamy, or slightly vegetable, oil and reduce fire. Friable porridge cook on medium heat with a weak boil, occasionally stirring. Once the rice is swollen - remove the pan from the plate and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.

The second way: rice, as in the first method, we put in already boiling salted water, we bring it to readiness, and afterwards we wash it with warm water. We add oil to the porridge and leave it for half an hour.

The third way: rice boil until swelling in boiling salted water, and then rearrange to a water bath to reach readiness.

Liquid rice porridge on the water

Those of us who do not like friable rice can cook liquid porridge. The technology of preparing this dish is based on the digestion of cereals in large quantities of water and is not difficult.



The rice is prepared for cooking according to the technology described earlier. We lay the croup in boiling salted, or sweetened, water and reduce the heat to a minimum. Cook rice porridge on the water should be from 30 to 45 minutes, while stirring constantly. Stirring will disrupt the integrity of the rice grain, resulting in the release of starch in the water, which will make the porridge viscous. Finished rice porridge on the water and very pleasant in texture, refueled with oil and served to the table immediately after cooking.

This dish will be especially useful for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system. For them, the porridge should not be filled with oil, and the cereal itself can be rubbed after cooking, or cook already chopped grains.

Rice porridge on the water with pumpkin



Rice is washed and dried, raisins are steamed, and the pumpkin is cleaned and cut into cubes.

We put butter in the pot, put half the pumpkin, ½ rice, the remaining pumpkin and rice. On top, sprinkle the dish with sugar, salt and cinnamon, spread the raisins and pour the water. Cover the pot with a lid and send it to the oven for an hour at 180 degrees.