Academ holidays

Academic leave is a break in the education of a student at a higher education institution without deducting it from among students. Academic leave can be granted only with a valid and weighty reason, documented. For five or six years of study in a university life can present many surprises. Therefore, the best solution, the so-called respite in school, for a student is often an academic vacation, the reasons for which can be diverse. So, let's take a closer look at how to take an academic vacation, and what is needed for this.

Academic leave for family reasons

Academic leave for family reasons involves taking a break in studies for valid reasons related to the family. This can be care for sick relatives, in which case you are obliged to attach to your application for leave a certificate of the patient's health status, as well as documents confirming your cohabitation.

Another reason may be the poor financial condition of the student's family, in which he is forced to get a job. Here, there is a need to confirm the poor security of the family of certificates from social security agencies, certificates of income of parents, as well as a certificate from the student's place of work. Also, the reasons considered under family circumstances may be relocation, natural disaster and others.

Academic sick leave

Academic leave for health reasons is provided in the case when the student falls ill with a serious and long illness, which does not allow him to continue his studies. These can be exacerbations of chronic diseases, frequent illnesses, anatomical defects, serious diseases requiring long-term treatment.

To learn how to get an academic vacation, you need to contact the university or institute administration, where all the nuances will be explained to you. To grant acadam leave due to illness, it is necessary to attach a medical report or a certificate of the specified form to the application. This certificate, as well as the state of health of the student, must be confirmed by the student polyclinic of the university, or a medical institution serving students.

Academic leave for pregnancy

Academic leave due to pregnancy can be given to a student at her application, as well as the attached certificate confirming the period of pregnancy. In this case, the doctor can recommend academic leave if there are any complications. To provide a vacation, you need to take a certificate from a doctor, from whom you become registered during pregnancy, as well as a certificate of temporary incapacity for work and the conclusion of a medical expert commission.

How to apply for an academic leave?

The decision to grant academic leave at the institute is taken by the rector or the director of the educational institution. For his resolution it is necessary to write an application in which the reason is indicated, and also the necessary supporting documents are attached. For the entire period of study, academic leave can be taken only twice, for a period of one academic year each. Extension of academic leave is possible only in special, exceptional cases. Academic leave in graduate school for a period of one year is not provided. This can be short-term breaks in studies for valid reasons.

Consider how to get out of academic leave. To recover from the academic leave, you will need a statement from the student about his willingness to start his studies, as well as certificates confirming that it is possible. A rare case is also the early exit from academic leave, provided only with the consent of the university leadership.