Pink salmon in aerogrill

Red fish is very useful for our body. It is rich in useful microelements and Omega-3 fatty acids, which favorably affect the work of the heart.

Earlier we already had to get acquainted with the features of cooking trout and salmon in aerogrill , and now let's look at some original recipes for the preparation of pink salmon.

Pink salmon in foil in aerogril



How to cook pink salmon? Fish thoroughly washed, dried, cut into large portions, salt and pepper to taste. Onions are cleaned, shredded in half rings and spread evenly on the foil. On top of the onion lay out pieces of pink salmon and lightly pour them with olive oil.

Bake fish in aerogrill at high temperature, at an average blowing speed, for 30 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle the pink salmon with lemon juice, or pour soy sauce.

Pink salmon with vegetables



For the preparation of pink salmon in the aerogrill with vegetables, take the peeled potatoes, cut into slices, and onions - half rings. Fish fillet washed, cleaned from bones and cut into small pieces. White mushrooms washed, and then boiled and finely chopped. Tomatoes are cut into cubes and mixed with mushrooms, seasoning with vegetable oil.

In a baking dish, spread half the potatoes with onions, salt, pepper to taste. Then we put the prepared salad from mushrooms and tomatoes. The next layer: pink salmon fillets, and on top of the fish again lay out the remaining potatoes with onions. On top, water the dish with cream and abundantly cover with grated cheese.

We bake pink salmon for about 30 minutes in an aerogrill at a high temperature, with an average blowing speed.

Enjoy your meal!