Pharyngitis in pregnancy

Even such a common disease as pharyngitis, during pregnancy can cause certain difficulties, considering the influence of medications on the fetus and the risk of complications.

Pharyngitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. In pregnant women, the cause of discomfort is often an infectious and inflammatory process, the place of dislocation of which are the tonsils and lymph nodes.

Than pharyngitis for pregnant women is dangerous?

Especially dangerous is pharyngitis in the early stages of pregnancy. The causative agent of the disease in the body of the mother in about 20-50% of cases provokes a threat of miscarriage, intrauterine infection of the fetus or placental insufficiency, which in the future can cause developmental delay and chronic hypoxia (lack of oxygen) of the fetus.

Typical symptoms of the disease

Recognize pharyngitis in pregnant women will help the following symptoms:

Moreover, acute pharyngitis during pregnancy can manifest itself just lightning fast.

Ways to treat pharyngitis during pregnancy

In order to defeat pharyngitis in pregnant women, a doctor must prescribe the treatment. Often to cope with the disease simple symptomatic treatment helps:

If necessary, the doctor recommends and antipyretic drugs.

Simultaneously with the medication regimen to cure pharyngitis during pregnancy, the following rules will help:

Do not self-medicate, otherwise the mild form can transform into chronic pharyngitis during pregnancy. In this situation, get rid of the disease only after the birth of the baby, when the spectrum of medications can be expanded.