Neurasthenia and ways to combat this disorder

In the age of modern technology and the era of consumption, an increasing number of people aged 20 to 40 years suffer from such disorders as neurasthenia. And the stronger the stress of the brain, the harder it affects the physical condition. The situation is aggravated in the absence of rest or inability to spend free time.

What is neurasthenia?

It is a mental disorder , provoked by external or internal circumstances. Neurasthenia is an asthenic neurosis, which is the result of overload and overstrain. The first to describe it was a doctor from America G. Bird in 1869. Tense labor and physiological deprivation associated with the lack of normal sleep and rest lead to a disorder that is only exacerbated by various infections and intoxications.

Neurasthenia - psychology

Experts have noticed that the disorder is more often diagnosed in the male half of humanity, but women who are forced to raise children alone, suffer no less often with a neurosis. The disease of neurasthenia is a kind of indicator that reflects the state of affairs in modern society and the requirements of society. His own life philosophy, his moral principles and character affect the psyche, and its changes affect the physical body. Increased demands on themselves and others lead to a malfunction in the brain and the development of the disorder.

Neurasthenia and neurosis - differences

One is part of the other. Asthenic neurosis - this is one of the components of a group of diseases that cause mental disorders and are prone to prolonged leakage. Often for the development of neurasthenia requires a combination of two factors - mental trauma and a state of fatigue, both physical and moral. That is, this disorder is part of a group of neuroses and is characteristic of people with a constantly working brain-doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs.

Neurasthenia - causes

  1. Incorrectly planned daily routine. As a rule, people suffering from neurasthenia work a lot, leaving little time for rest and eating.
  2. Part of a disease such as neurosis, asthenic syndrome develops against a background of lack of intimate life or too active when a person is indiscriminate in connections and applies incorrect methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy .
  3. Neurasthenia is aggravated by a wrong rest, when the patient tries to relax by taking large doses of alcohol and tobacco, spends time in night clubs, gambling, etc.
  4. Infectious ailments that affected the nerve endings also provoke neurasthenia.
  5. Heredity.

Types of neurasthenia

The forms of this disorder are also the stages of this disease:

  1. Hypersthenic.
  2. Irritable weakness.
  3. Hypostenic.

Sexual neurasthenia can occur at any stage. For men, a deterioration in erection and premature ejaculation, as well as a decrease in sexual desire, and for women a decrease in libido. Subsequently, the first develops impotence, and the second vaginismus. In both cases, the disorder causes a feeling of dissatisfaction. The degree of these manifestations depends on the severity of the neurosis.

Neurasthenia - symptoms and signs

They are different for each phase of the disease:

  1. At the first stage the patient becomes agitated and irritable. It interferes with any extraneous sounds, there is a pain in the head, as if squeezing it with a helmet - a "neurasthenic helmet". People with neurosis easily lose their temper, they are impatient, break down on others. They find it very difficult to concentrate, as a result, they again and again get down to business, losing a lot of time.
  2. Asthenic neurosis in the second stage leads to rapid exhaustion. Neurasthenia in women is manifested in increased tearfulness, fussiness, impatience. Neurosis makes a person listless, distracted, indifferent to everything. He falls asleep heavily and anxiously asleep, he is suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.
  3. At this stage a person withdraws into himself, concentrates on his inner sensations. Depression and apathy are the constant companions of this disorder. Weakened interests, hypochondriacal complaints appeared.

Neurasthenia - how to help yourself?

You need to understand that you will not earn all the money and, in the pursuit of material values, think - is this the most important thing in life? Do not you have to regret at the end of the summer that you did not see anything but work? In cases of overfatigue, neurasthenia is treated:

It is necessary to completely change the line of activity, go on vacation. If this is difficult, allocate time in a busy schedule to communicate with children, friends, relatives. Force yourself to watch comedic movies and laugh, walk in the fresh air, play sports, favorite things.

Neurasthenia - treatment

Neurosis therapy consists in eliminating the factor that triggered the development of this disorder. This will determine its effectiveness and the duration of the remission period. Those who are interested in how to treat neurasthenia should answer that the patient is appointed:

  1. Common restoratives are vitamins.
  2. Tranquilizers.
  3. Antidepressants.
  4. Treatment of neurosis for general strengthening includes the intake of preparations of iron, gopantenic acid, calcium glycerophosphate.

Traditional therapy of neurasthenia involves the use of decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs and fruits - hawthorn, valerian, motherwort, pioneer evader. Tonic effect will have coffee and strong tea, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng, tincture of Eleutherococcus . The medicine for neurasthenia is also psychotherapy, autogenic training. The physiotherapist can prescribe:

How long is neurasthenia treated?

The process of recovery begins with the improvement of sleep, but if the provoking factors are not eliminated, the neurosis will return again and then its duration will increase, and the depressive symptoms will intensify. Those who ask how to cure neurasthenia can answer that much will depend on the patient himself, his desire to change his life. If he will observe the correct mode of work and rest, avoid physical overload and stress, then everything will get better. If there is an opportunity, change the work, revise the ways of relaxation in favor of active and not harmful to health.