Designer for the little ones

According to psychologists, the designer is considered the most useful toy for boys and girls of all age groups. Perhaps, therefore, it is unlikely that little children learn to recognize and hold different objects in their hands, parents hurry to please them with an entertaining toy - a children's designer for the youngest.

However, when choosing a suitable set, many inexperienced moms and dads face some difficulties, because toys for very young children must meet a number of requirements:

Considering the aforesaid, we will consider, that it is possible to offer to young neposide-designer.

Best Designer Options for the Smallest

Regular pyramids and soft cubes are the most ideal designer for children up to a year. Of course, waiting for the crumbs of architectural masterpieces is still worth, but, nevertheless, the toy will undoubtedly contribute to its development.

For children from a year the soft designer with various geometrical blocks will approach - children will be pleased with bright details from which it is possible to construct a small house for a favorite doll or garage for the car. By the way, the designers of their soft polymer blocks will be no less interesting fun for kids from a year or older.

Recently, special demand is enjoyed by magnetic designers, which at first glance seem not the most suitable toy for the youngest.

Nevertheless, simple sets with large details, with strong polar magnets will be a good alternative. Many parents already from 6-9 months offer kids to play a magnetic designer for the youngest with rubber animals, with the help of which kids learn to connect details, build geometric shapes.

When the baby grows a bit, he can buy a designer with magnetic blocks.

Relative novelty in the children's toys market - needle designer. This is an excellent option for kids from 1.5 years old - awkward knobs easily connect colorful details to each other anywhere, and with the help of the attached animal figures or people, interesting scenes are played.