Greek gods and goddesses

The names of the Greek gods and goddesses on hearing in our days - we know the myths and legends about them, we can use them to convey the image. Often in modern literary works mention some of the motifs known since the time of ancient Greece. Consider a brief information about the Greek gods and goddesses, the mythology of this country.

Greek gods

There are many Greek gods and goddesses, we will dwell on those of them whose names are to some extent familiar to a wide range of people today:

As a rule, Greek gods and goddesses were symbolically portrayed by people living on Olympus as beautiful and powerful. They were not perfect, they were tied up by intricate relationships and simple human passions.

Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Consider the most famous ancient Greek goddesses. They are recruited a lot, and each of them is responsible for something of their own:

This is not a complete list of all the Greek gods and goddesses, but this includes the most famous and recognizable of them.