National Theater of Costa Rica

The National Theater of Costa Rica is a pride not only for the country, but for the whole of Central America. Once you enter its territory, you will be overwhelmed by an unrivaled sense of chic and luxury. Its architecture and famous performances are attractive to residents all over the world, so during the performances the halls are full of spectators. What's so great about this wonderful place? The answer to this question you will get in our article.

History of creation

The construction of the grandiose building of the National Theater in Costa Rica was started in 1891, in the central part of San Jose . On its construction, money was collected by increasing the tax on coffee. The construction lasted for six years. The building of the Paris Opera was chosen as the basis for the design. As a result of diligence, the National Theater in San Jose was opened in 1897. Then for the first time on the stage were the honored artists in the production of Faust.

Building Architecture

In the courtyard of the National Theater in San Jose you will be pierced by the illusion of luxury of this building. Its facade is decorated with columns in the style of revival, the windows are closed with patterned lattices, and in the courtyard stand the statues of Calderón de la Barca and Ludwig van Beethoven. On the roof of the theater there are symbolic statues of Dance, Music and Glory.

As soon as the front door opens, immersion begins in a completely different world, where love and art are the main ones. The walls of the foyer are decorated with patterned pink marble. They weigh huge mirrors, and along the carpet, statues of sculptor Pietro Bulgarelli are installed. The theater hall is the most inspiring and luxurious place. It is executed in a red-olive tone. Its balconies are decorated with golden furnishings and appliqués, and above it is a vaulted ceiling with a huge crystal chandelier. Frescoes on the walls and ceiling are painted with illustrations from the history of Costa Rica .

Between the floors of the building is a snow-white marble staircase with golden patterns. There are sculptural railings along it. In all corridors of the theater hang portraits of great classics and famous actors. At the rear of the building there is a cafe overlooking the theater garden, which also features exquisite sculptures and a fountain.

Performances and excursions

The National Theater of Costa Rica has long been a favorite place for national quartets and various cultural communities. There are theatrical productions, dance performances, symphony concerts, etc. Many actors and musicians try to get on his stage, because on the day of the premiere the hall is filled to capacity and has great popularity among tourists.

The schedule of performances in the theater is clearly divided by day. For musical concerts - Wednesday and Friday, dance - Saturday and Tuesday, the rest - theatrical productions and musicals. On high-profile events it is necessary to purchase tickets in advance, in about three weeks. On theatrical building excursions for tourists are held twice a week. Naturally, they should be grouped and accompanied by a guide. Without the permission of the administration or tickets for staging you can not get into the theater building.

How to get there?

Near the National Theater in San Jose there are two bus stops: La Lia and Prabus Barrio Lujan. The bus number 2, which begins its route at the railway station Parada de Trenes, will help you to reach them. There is a theater between 3 and 5 Avenue in the center of San Jose.