Institute of Happiness

The small Central American state of Belize is rich in its cultural and natural attractions . The period of English colonization brought to life the country's new European values, which complemented the ancient culture of the indigenous inhabitants of these lands, the Maya Indians. A mixture of these two cultures has found an interesting embodiment in modern times, which attracts new tourists. One of the modern attractions, which is definitely recommended to visit, is the Institute of Happiness.

How was the Institute of Happiness founded?

Merit in the foundation of the Institute of Happiness belongs to the patron of Belize, a patron and navigator - the English baron Henry Edward Bliss. All his life he devoted sea voyages until one day in 1929 he arrived on his ship "Sea King" to the coast of Belize. Finally falling in love with this unusually green country with a rich history and with benevolent locals, he bequeathed to bury himself on the shores of the ocean in Belize, and he left a huge part of his property to the state. On the money of the Bliss Foundation in the country were built iconic buildings, which are now the main attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

One of these attractions is the Institute of Happiness. The organization, named so romantically, is the Belize Performing Arts Center. The unofficial name got accustomed to the fact that after the opening of the Institute of Happiness, it was the only center in the country for organizing concerts and performances, training of artists.

The building of the Center for Performing Arts was built in the first capital city of Belize City . To date, this is the cultural heart of the country, where hundreds of performers of different genres flock from everywhere.

Construction of the Institute of Happiness was completed in 1955. The opening of the center was accompanied by concerts of the leading performers of Belize, artists from Great Britain, Spain and Portugal were also invited. For more than 50 years, the cultural center has pleased its visitors with a variety of genres.

Institute of Happiness - description

The Institute of Happiness is not just a theater or a concert hall. There are many objects of cultural value:

  1. The National Art Council of Belize is located on the ground floor of the Center for Performing Arts.
  2. The second floor from the time of opening until 1994 was occupied by the main library of the country, where the ancient manuscripts, the first editions of the bibles that arrived to the new lands of missionaries, as well as the rich book fund of modern world literature were kept. Later a new building was built for the library, and the Institute of Happiness was decided to expand.
  3. To the rear facade of the building were built extensions, which today act as the National Gallery of Modern Painting .
  4. Special attention should be paid to innovations such as the entrance hall , which welcomes guests with magnificent marble furnishings, and a large auditorium with 600 seats.
  5. To ensure that the rehearsals of the artists passed in comfort, the studios for the National Belize Dance Theater and the drama collective were specially opened.

How to get to the Institute of Happiness?

The Happiness Institute has a very successful location, it's in the center of Belize City , so it's easy to get to it.