Microbloding Lips

Do you want to emphasize the expressiveness of your mouth, make your lips clearly defined and sexy? Perhaps you will like microblasting lips - the newest technique of permanent make-up .

Microboding lips - unlike tattooing

Sometimes you can find information that microblasting is a procedure of manual tattooing. In fact, microblooding and lip tattooing have significant differences. It can be said that microblasting is an improved technique of tattooing.

  1. There is a different way of introducing the dye into the tissue. If during the tattoo the master makes injections with a single needle, with the modern procedure, the introduction of the pigment is carried out using a special pen. In her bunches are fixed the thinnest needles.
  2. The introduction of the pigment is carried out at a shallow depth. This minimizes the likelihood of negative consequences.
  3. For example, if gentle tissues are injured during tattooing, microblasting helps to avoid injuries. A bunch of fine needles introduces the paint almost imperceptibly for a woman, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation time. The procedure passes without painful sensations, there is a slight discomfort.
  4. After tattooing, the woman is forced to stay at home for several days, as the tissues of the lips become inflamed and swell. Microblaining does not lead to similar side effects. Needles for microblooding of the lips are so thin that the procedure is considered sparing.
  5. Since there is no trauma to the tissues, after 2-3 hours the lady who resorted to the procedure can safely go on a date. Nobody suspects that just before this beauty resorted to the services of a cosmetologist.

The only disadvantage of the procedure is that after it a film appears on the sponges. Because of this, the lady can not immediately appreciate the tone in which her lips are painted. But after 3-4 days the film will come down and you can see how much the result coincided with the expectations. Independently to remove a crust it is impossible! This will damage the tender epithelium and increase the risk of infection.

Microbealing of the lips - what determines the color?

Some women believe that the pigment is not sufficiently expressed. Indeed, the result of the procedure may be disappointing - the tone seems rather pale, especially when compared to tattooing. However, do not get upset - completely color gamut will manifest only a month after microblasting.

In addition, only 50% of the injected dye composition is absorbed into the tissue. Therefore, if you want to make your lips brighter, after 35-45 days you need to repeat the procedure. In this case, the pigment for microblasting of the lips will be absorbed by 90-100%.

Advantages of microblasting

  1. The procedure allows you to forget for a long time about the need to tint and emphasize the contour of the lips. Especially useful is microblasting for women who have an allergy to make-up.
  2. Thanks to microblasting, you can adjust the volume of the lips, as well as the shape of the mouth. Gentle procedure allows you to correct a small asymmetry, which previously coped only with botox and plastic surgery.
  3. It is difficult to suspect lip correction to an extraneous person - the pigment introduced into the tissue, after complete healing, looks natural, coloring the mouth in gentle pastel tones.
  4. The pigment used for correction is completely natural.

Naturally, to get microblooding advantages, it is advisable to contact a master of high qualification. Otherwise, you can spoil your appearance for 1,5-2 years - this is how much the effect remains on your lips.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the procedure has contraindications. These include pregnancy and lactation, hypertension, epilepsy.