Comb in hair for wedding

Individuality, originality, tenderness and romanticism are probably the most basic qualities that every bride seeks to demonstrate. Today, stylists suggest turning to the ancient accessories, which again return to fashion. One of those are considered combs for a wedding hairstyle. By adding a romantic accessory, you will certainly become an unforgettable bride.

Today, designers offer a wide variety of combs in the hair for a wedding. You can choose jewelry or jewelry. But the decor plays a particularly important role here. The most popular for today are such ridges:

  1. Wedding comb for hair with crystals . Covered with iridescent pebbles, an accessory in the hair will add to your hairstyle dazzling and unsurpassed. It is important in this image not to go too far with decorations and choose them in the same style.
  2. Wedding combs made from pearls . As you know, pearls - one of the most common types of jewelry for the wedding. Pearl combs for the wedding hairstyle perfectly fit into the gentle image of the bride and correspond to the loving status of the happy newlyweds.

Wedding hairstyles with a hair comb

Choosing a comb for hair as an ornament for a wedding hairstyle, you should also make the style itself in the appropriate style. According to stylists, it is better to choose simple unpretentious hairstyles. One of the most popular today is the Malvinka. Loose hair gently complements the romantic style , and a beautiful comb emphasizes individuality and femininity. Also this accessory is interesting to complement the Greek styling. By the way, it is unusual for such wedding hairstyles to look like a comb on the side. But the most unexpected and definitely memorable is the wedding hairstyle bun with a hair comb. This model is usually chosen by brides who plan their wedding in an exclusive style or whose ceremony is distinguished by simplicity.