Khazani khorovats

Khazani khorovats is a dish from Armenia. Khazani, in Armenian, means that the dish is cooked in a cauldron, and the khorovats is a shish kebab . Traditionally, it is prepared from lamb.

Horovac - recipe

Horovac can be cooked on a stove at home in a dish with thick walls. We'll learn how to cook a khorovat in a kazan in nature.



Meat should be cut into pieces the size, as for a shish kebab. In the cauldron, heat up the butter, lay out the prepared pieces of meat and fry it on high heat until a ruddy crust. To extinguish meat it will be necessary about 20 minutes almost to its full preparation.

Onions cut into half rings or rings (if desired), throws to the meat, mix and fry until golden onions. Then we pour pomegranate juice into the cauldron (instead of juice you can use red wine), salt, pepper, cover with a lid and stew for about 10-15 minutes. In the end, you need to give our dish a little to stand.

At the pitch, sprinkle the Armenian khorovats with finely chopped greens and pomegranate seeds. We serve with baked or boiled potatoes and a salad of fresh vegetables!

Salad khorovats

Traditionally, khorovats are a shish kebab, but in many Armenian restaurants you can meet with the same name vegetable shashlik. You can make this dish and as a salad, but in any case we need a brazier or an electric grill.



Vegetables need to be washed, dried and baked entirely until soft, periodically turning over. Then we dip our vegetables in cold water and remove the skin from them. With eggplants we cut the ass, and the peppers are cleared from the core.

Vegetables need to be cut rather coarse, approximately the same size. Stir in shredded herbs, spices and olive oil. Some, if desired, add garlic. Salad can be eaten immediately, enjoying the aroma of the fire!

If the salad is made for storage, then lay it in sterilized jars, pasteurize, close tightly with lids and leave to cool at room temperature. To store this salad is better in the refrigerator, since we do not add vinegar. Serve with meat and pita bread. Bon Appetit!