Kylie Jenner radically changed the color of her hair

With the birth of Kylie's daughter, Jenner wanted changes in appearance! If in the first weeks of the young mother was not up to changing the image, then two months later, having become accustomed to new responsibilities, she got down to business, becoming a blonde.

In perfect shape

On the eve of the 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, who gained a lot of extra pounds in the nine months of pregnancy, struck her fans with a slim figure in a swimsuit.

Kylie Jenner and Stormy
Jenner on the eve of birth

On her pages in Snapchat and Instagram she regularly published photos with impressive results of training and diet.

Kylie Jenner six weeks after delivery

The last is done seven weeks after the appearance of baby Stormy to the light. Judging by the picture, Jenner was able to regain her former seductive figure. In the comments she wrote:

"The neighbor's girl."
Kylie Jenner showed her body in a swimsuit

Now, not a burning brunette ...

The fans did not have time to discuss the slender waist of Jenner, suspecting that, perhaps, the picture was taken before the girl's pregnancy, she gave them an excuse to discuss her appearance again.

Kylie, who has always loved to experiment with hair, painted a dark-to-nature hairdo in a platinum blond. Having trusted the proven stylist Tokyo Stylzu, who helps to embody the star of her idea with hair in life, she became, well, a very hot blonde.

Kylie used to see a brunette

In the photo, which appeared in Instagram Jenner, she poses in a white robe, seducing her shoulders and chest part. Under the post she said:

"It seems that I was born to be a blonde."
Kylie Jenner boasted a new hair color
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