Lip contour plasty

Women, dissatisfied with their appearance, often resort to contour lip plasty. Let us consider how this procedure is performed and what its variants exist.

Types of contour lip plasty

Depending on the methods used, the plastic is differentiated into 2 types:

Surgical method involves the introduction of such fillers as silicone or gortex. The result depends entirely on the surgeon's qualification. In addition, contour lip plasty in this case has extensive contraindications.

Unlike the surgical method, contour lip plasty with fillers reduces the risk of irreparable errors, is performed under local anesthesia and has a minimum of contraindications.

Non-surgical contour plastic for lip augmentation

This technique, in turn, involves the use of two methods:

Let us consider each of them in detail.

Vertical injections completely retain the natural outlines of the lips, but give them more completeness. If for some reason the result leaves much to be desired, during the day the lips can be returned to their original form. The viscosity of the preparation used on the basis of hyaluronic acid ensures smoothing of wrinkles, as well as fixing tissues in the proper position.

  1. Injections are performed parallel to the surface of the skin along the contour of the mouth. The direction of the injections is from the edge of the lips to the middle at an angle of 30-45 °.
  2. In this case, the distance between the individual junctions is 2-3 mm.
  3. In both lips inject an equal amount of the drug.

Filling the contours with fillers also involves carrying out a series of injections along the lip boundary. But with the introduction of the filler provokes a rapid swelling of the tissues. The surgeon's task is to knead the treated tissues for an hour to achieve an even distribution of the filler.

As a filler, natural fat, for example, subcutaneous, taken from other parts of the patient's body, can be used. However, more often contour lip plasty is performed with hyaluronic acid or its derivatives.

Contraindications to contour lip plasty

It is forbidden to resort to plastic in the following cases:

If the patient has a chronic disease, approval for plastic surgery will be given only after consultation with a specialist.

Rehabilitation after contour lip surgery

The swelling of the mouth after the procedure is several days later. Nevertheless, in order not to spoil your appearance, you will have to follow certain rules:

  1. In the first day to a minimum, facial expressions should be reduced, since this can cause a shift in the injected drug.
  2. In order not to spoil the contour, it is recommended to sleep solely on the back for a week so that the face does not come in contact with the pillow.
  3. Two weeks under the ban is visiting paired, sauna, solarium.
  4. You can not massage your lips.
  5. 1-2 weeks it is advisable not to apply cosmetic products to the injection site.

Failure to comply with these rules and low qualification of the surgeon can lead to complications after lip contour plastics. Usually it is about the migration of the gel, the appearance of bruising, infection. Occasionally, the obstruction of the vessels is diagnosed. In this case necrosis of tissues is not excluded.

Of course, every woman decides what method of plastic is right for her - surgical or non-surgical. But in order to make the procedure safe, contact only a certified cosmetic clinic.