Fiber-cement facade slabs

To date, one of the most popular facade decoration materials are fiber cement slabs, used in both private construction and facing of various public buildings and structures.

Such facade plates have the form of rectangular pressed sheets of fiber cement with a size of 3.3x0.47 m with a textured or smoothly colored surface, as well as painted ends. The thickness of the sheet can be from 6 to 18 mm. On the back side, a special primer is applied to the slabs. This kind of lining material is produced under high pressure.

Advantages of facade panels made of fiber cement slabs

Fiber cement panels are environmentally friendly material, which is 90% cement, and 10% are reinforcing materials in the form of fibers of cellulose and fiberglass, called "fiber." It is these fibers that give the facade panels plasticity, resistance to shock and any deformation. The material is not subject to rotting, corrosion, extremely resistant to any weather conditions.

These plates do not support combustion, which greatly increases the fire resistance of the building. They are sufficiently moisture resistant, have excellent frost resistance and wear resistance. Due to their lightness, fibreous cement panels do not make the building heavier, and it is much easier to mount them compared to, for example, clinker tiles.

You can buy fiber cement facade plates, painted in any desired color. Plates with a textured surface are in great demand today. Beautiful and stylish looks a house with a facade fibrocement paneling for wood or brick, with imitation of masonry or granite chips.

You can buy fiber-cement slabs with a special anti-vandal coating. They have a higher wear resistance, resistance to temperature fluctuations. Coatings of such boards can be matte, glossy or semi-glossy.

Fasten the fiber cement slabs directly to the wall of the building. In this case, the panels conceal all surface irregularities. With good sealing of all joints, you can get an excellent insulation layer on the wall of the building.

Very often fibrocement slabs are used as wind shields when creating ventilated facades. In this case, the fiber cement slabs are attached to a specially created crate on the walls of the house.

Thick panels are attached to the wall with the help of clamps embedded in the plate, and the thin panels are fixed with roofing screws.

You will decorate the facade of the house with fibre-cement slabs, and the building will perfectly fit into the surrounding area.