Complex fertilizers - pledge of a rich harvest

Complex plant fertilizers are used for better plant growth, pest control and yield increase, which include at least two minerals required for the plant. They can be used on different types of soil both in the presowing period and at all stages of vegetation.

Complex fertilizers for garden and garden

The popularity of this type of mineral fertilizer is due to the presence of a large number of benefits, but first about the shortage, because it is only one - a small assortment, which does not give an opportunity to choose for each culture an ideal option.

  1. Since the composition includes several components, a high concentration of useful elements is achieved. At the same time, sodium, chlorine and other harmful substances are either in minimal quantities or absent altogether.
  2. The use of complex fertilizers helps to save money, as well as storage and transportation space.
  3. The positive effect with the use of such additives is achieved even with insufficient moisture.
  4. It is possible to use additives for crops for which an increase in the osmotic pressure in the soil solution is unacceptable.

Complex fertilizer for tomatoes

Since tomatoes are a common vegetable, producers have developed for this culture, balanced compounds on useful substances. Complex mineral fertilizer for tomatoes provides full nutrition with basic elements, which positively affects the fertility of the soil and increases yield. Among them we can distinguish:

  1. Monophosphate of potassium. The composition includes phosphorus and potassium, which helps improve metabolism. The additive is allowed to use in solution (15 g per bucket of water), and in dry form (pour out at a distance of 10 cm from the stem). It is better to use in the generative phase of development.
  2. Calcium nitrate. The composition includes calcium and nitrogen. Promotes active growth and landscapes. On a bucket of water you need to take 20 g of supplement. Use is recommended before flowering and the appearance of fruit. For spraying apply 1% solution.

Complex fertilizer for potatoes

The root system of this plant is weak and penetrate deep into the earth to obtain nutrients it can not, but the tubers are taken from the upper layers of the soil, so it is important to make up for the losses. Popular complex fertilizers for potatoes:

  1. Potassium nitrate. Contains potassium and nitrogen, therefore top dressing will be highly effective. For each 1 sq. M it is recommended to use 15-20 g.
  2. Nitrophos. There are nitrogen and phosphorus in the composition. To make a complex mineral fertilizer for vegetables should be in autumn with deep plowing of the soil.


Complex fertilizer for strawberries

Addition of mineral additives helps to maintain the health of plants, increase yield and protect against various diseases and insects. When choosing a complex mineral fertilizer for strawberries, be guided by the most popular options:

  1. Diammophos. The composition of this additive includes many substances: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Due to the granular form, useful substances in the soil spread evenly.
  2. Ammophos. Contains phosphorus and nitrogen, and it can be used for any kind of soil. Such a fertilizer saturates the plant with the necessary substances, which is important for good development and enhancement of the protective abilities for various diseases.
  3. Nitroammophoska. The composition includes a lot of sulfur, about 2%. Use it should be in the summer after the flowering is over. It is important to apply a complex fertilizer immediately abundantly to water strawberries. For 10 liters of water should take 1.5 matchbox feeding.

Complex fertilizer for raspberry

If the bush is healthy, then it will have thick shoots of about 2 m in height, and the crop will be about 1 kg from the bush. To achieve this, it is recommended to use additives. Complex fertilizer for the garden can be made independently, but only it is important to properly observe the proportions, otherwise the additional fertilization will only harm the plant.

  1. Mix 30 g of ammonium nitrate, 60 g of superphosphate and 40 g of potassium salt. All ingredients should be well mixed. It is necessary to make such complex fertilizers twice a year: 2/3 of the spring part and 1/3 part in June.
  2. If you plan to plant new bushes, then it is recommended to pour useful additives into pits, for example, use this option: 80 g of potassium sulfide, 200 g of superphosphate and 8 kg of humus. If the first two ingredients do not, then you can take 500 g of wood ash. First, the fertilizer should be mixed with the soil, and then, you can plant the seedling.
  3. During active fruiting it is recommended to use the ready complex " Ideal ". It takes 10 liters to take 3 tbsp. spoon solution. Watering is carried out near the bushes, considering that for each 1 m2 there should be 7 liters.

Complex fertilizer for cucumbers

With the use of mineral additives, it is possible to accelerate the growth of seedlings, increase the fruiting time and the quantity of the crop, and also protect the bushes from the negative influence of pests and diseases. Complex mineral fertilizer for cucumbers is made by some rules:

  1. Before planting seedlings (for 2 weeks) or seeds, it is necessary to make fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 10/15/15 g. The amount is indicated for each 1 sq.m.
  2. Seedlings are fertilized three times, and for this, complex fertilizers containing superphosphate, ammonium nitrate and mullein should be introduced. The first time you need to do this is in the phase of the first sheet, the second - after the appearance of the next real leaflet and the third - in two weeks.
  3. When transplanting transplants, then in the holes should put a complex of superphosphate, potassium chloride and ammonium nitrate.
  4. To make the plant grow well, shoots are formed, it is necessary to use nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. For the formation of fruits suitable fertilizer with nitrogen, magnesium and potassium. Additives should be added every 2-3 weeks.

Complex fertilizer for grapes

Different varieties of this plant are demanding and for obtaining a rich crop, it is recommended to use additives. The grapes need the following elements:

  1. Nitrogen. Improves the growth of leaves and young shoots. You only need to bring it in the spring.
  2. Phosphorus. Important mineral for the formation of inflorescences, ovaries and better ripening of berries. Use it before the beginning of flowering.
  3. Potassium. Increases the resistance of plants to frost, drought, dehydration and pests. It is better to demolish it in autumn.

Useful for grapes is still boron, copper, zinc and magnesium. Organic complex fertilizer can include bird droppings, peat, manure, wood ash, oil cake and others. Carry out feeding on this pattern:

  1. In the early spring, you can use liquid complex fertilizers, for example, "Rastorin" or "Master". At the same time, spring water-discharge irrigation is carried out.
  2. Before flowering, it is recommended to use liquid fertilizing, which contains diluted chicken manure (proportion 1: 2). After its fermentation, it is worth diluting it 5 times and adding superphosphate and potassium salt 20/15 g to the bucket. Note that 1-2 buckets of feeding should be on the bush.
  3. Complex fertilizer is used when there are already berries and their size is approximately with a pea. The composition includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers 40/50/30 g. The bucket is taken 30 g.
  4. When berries ripen, phosphoric and potassium supplements are used (5 g per bush).

Complex fertilizer for flowers

Plants for proper development, good flowering and protection against pests and diseases need constant nourishment. Complex fertilizer for roses and other flowers should be selected among the presented options:

  1. Ammophos. Gray granules contain nitrogen and phosphorus and are water soluble.
  2. Nitrofosca. Fertilizer is represented by granules that contain potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. It should be brought in early spring before sowing and in summer.
  3. Nitrophos. Granules are recommended for most colors, and they contain calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Complex fertilizers for fruit trees

It is customary to add the additives in the early spring, so that the trees receive energy for growth, building sheets and forming fruits. Note that the complex spring fertilizer must be liquid, otherwise the roots will not be learned. You can use dry additives, which are abundantly watered. It is recommended to take complexes that include nitrogen, which promotes the activation of vegetative processes. As a result, trees quickly start new shoots, spread out buds, and even better grow foliage.

How to choose a full complex fertilizer?

When buying additives, it is necessary to take into account the chemical and mechanical properties of the soil, the quality of the selected fertilizer and the specificity of the plants. Be sure to look into the composition and, if possible, buy for the plant, specially designed mixtures. The use of complex fertilizers should take into account that it is necessary to put them into heavy soils in autumn, and into the lungs before sowing. Remember that the costs of proper plant nutrition will necessarily pay off with a rich harvest.

Complex fertilizer "Good Power"

This popular supplement includes substances important for the full nutrition of plants. The basic elements (NPK) nourish, which is important for activation of growth and for increasing stress resistance. Complex fertilizers for the garden contain vitamins for an important immune system of plants. The manufacturer offers many different options, for example, additives designed for seedlings, vegetables, flowers and so on.

Complex fertilizer "Good power" must be diluted in water, given the instructions given on the package. Be sure to shake the bottle first. It is possible to carry out root and foliar top dressing, which it is better to alternate to get a good result. Concentrated composition provides an economical consumption of fertilizer.

Complex fertilizer «AVA»

The additives of this company are popular, and all thanks to the fact that they need to be introduced once a season. The effect will be noticeable immediately and will remain until the next application. Complex mineral fertilizer "AVA" is suitable for fruit trees, vegetables, house flowers and grass. More than half of the composition is phosphorus, and there are also calcium, potassium, magnesium and chromium. This is only a small list of substances that are in this supplement. A complete list is on the package.

Fertilizer "AVA" is presented in the form of capsules with a soluble coating, granules and powder. It can be used at various stages of development, from germination of seeds and preparation of gardens to wintering. It is worth considering that the drug is absorbed more than 95%. When using additives, plants grow strong, start to blossom, better tolerate winter colds and summer drought, and even less get sick, give a rich harvest, and fruits ripen faster, are quality and delicious.

Complex fertilizer "Reakom Mikom"

Domestic additive, which is of high quality, is environmentally friendly and efficient. The composition includes iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese and other substances. Use such a complex fertilizer for seedlings, different stages of development and before harvesting. Thanks to feeding, energy of germination, germination and resistance to diseases increases, flowering accelerates and crop quality improves.

Complex water-soluble fertilizer "Biomaster"

The composition of this additive includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which causes a rich list of useful properties. When used, the condition of the soil improves and the plants begin to develop well. Fertilization is important for the balance of organics and minerals in the soil, and it also protects it from salinization and acidification. Organic complex fertilizer is in liquid, and in dry form. The first is for fertilizing the plant, and the second is for improving the quality of the soil.