Lack of vitamin A

For the first time, vitamin A was isolated from carrots, so this group got its name carotenoids - from the English word "carrot", which means carrots. Today it is with a bright orange, carrot color, vitamin A is associated with us. Let's talk about what is a lack of vitamin A and what it leads to.

Symptoms of Deficiency

The first symptom is "night blindness". Enter the room with bright lighting in the dark and see how long your eyes adjust to the gloom:

This experiment demonstrates that the lack of vitamin A is unconditionally determined by the state of sight. The same kind of good detectors are also the skin with hair - many women cheat dry skin and brittle hair for poor-quality care products or age-related changes. In fact, the body clearly lacks vitamins.

But not only for the tenderness of the skin, retinol. Any connective tissue under his responsibility. So, here you can also include the shells of internal organs, including bronchial tubes, and, accordingly, exacerbations of bronchitis and asthma.

As with the deficiency of any other vitamins, a sign of a lack of vitamin A is:

We replenish the balance of vitamin A

With a bad, but not a tragic verdict, we will switch to how we can fill the lack of vitamin A. First of all, let's talk about its combination with other microelements.

Iron and zinc are ideal companions of vitamin A. In order for vitamin A to be digested, their carotene synthesized and delivered to cells, it needs zinc-conductor of vitamin A.

Vitamin E - as the functions of these two vitamins are similar, the symptoms will also be the same. Therefore, if you are not sure what exactly you are missing, take the widespread complexes of vitamin A and E.

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The best source of vitamin A is fish liver and fish oil , as well as a lot of retinol in beef liver, egg yolks, milk, cottage cheese, butter, cream and cheese. Provitamin A - carotene is found in plant foods - apricots, peaches, beans, spinach, carrots, peas, sweet pepper, broccoli.

However, in order to assimilate vitamin A from vegetable products, it is necessary to consume foods in raw form.