How to understand that you are corrupt?

Corruption - a negative impact on a person, which is carried out intentionally. Many people unknowingly perform rituals to punish their enemies or rivals. To date, there are many different ways that you can determine the presence of spoilage.

How to understand that you are corrupt?

First of all, the negative magical effect is reflected in health. In addition, problems arise in the sphere that the ill-wishers envied. If in life there has come a black strip and the reasons of its occurrence are not clear, it is possible to check up spoilage ritual with the pendulum as it is used since ancient times. It is best to start it during the full moon on a deep night. Take a sheet of paper and draw a diagram of the person on it. After that, you need to call it your own name. To do this, take the vegetable oil, christen the painted man and read the prayer "Our Father", and in the end, to check whether the damage, say these words:

"For today you will be a servant of God (name), you will suffer pain for me, all my adversities and problems will be your problems and adversities."

After that, in each corner of the table where the ritual is performed, put on a church candle and light them in the same order as they put. Next to the painted man from different sides write the words "yes" and "no". Leave the sheet in the center of the table and hold the pendulum above it. Now let us examine directly how to know whether there is a malefice or corruption. Start swinging the pendulum and ask questions. On which answer the pendulum will stop, then the truth. Ask if there is spoilage, features of the ritual and the name of the enemy. After that, cross the pendulum three times, the drawn person and say thank you to him for help.

How to protect yourself from damage?

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from negative influence from the side:

  1. Put your favorite decoration in the consecrated water, and eventually get a powerful talisman .
  2. A strong thread is a red thread tied to the wrist.

You can regularly read a prayer to the guardian angel and ask for protection.