Spell Magic

Spell magic is one of the most ancient directions of witchcraft. People have always wanted to love and be loved. Therefore sorcerers began to treat this problem very responsibly. They began to help people who are not lucky in love affairs. Before you contact the magician or try to accomplish the spell yourself, you should know about several things. Most likely, they will force you to abandon such witchcraft and think about more honest and humane ways to establish their personal lives.

The fact is that magic is black and white. It is not difficult to guess that the magic of the spell and its conspiracies are aimed at accomplishing the dark deeds and destroying them. The second option helps to heal and understand yourself. There is still gray magic, which is considered mixed. The Black Privorot is a real load for a conspirator who lives his whole life this way. There is emotional and sexual attachment, as well as suppression of the will. Victims of this spell can develop very serious diseases and a desire for suicide, which, incidentally, concerns the perpetrators of the deed. As practice has shown, karma always works. White love spells do not exist. You, of course, can understand yourself and try to attract something good into your life, but you can do it quite calmly without carrying out complex magical rituals. If white magicians will assure you of the innocuous effect of white love spells - know that you are simply being fooled, since white magic is aimed at good, not at suppression of will and artificial summoning of feelings in other people.

Spell magic on love

With the help of magic, you can try to restore a relationship with a person. Again, there are two methods - black and white. The first is in the ordinary privorot, the second is a bit more interesting. White magic will help you understand your relationship and put all the points. It will show you whether you should continue what you started or finish better. Most likely, she will set you up for a general wave, during which a sincere conversation will take place, he then will help decide on further actions. There are conspiracies for the reconciliation of loving people and talismans against evil eye and spoilage . Conducting conspiracies is not recommended, because everything can be solved independently. Why joke with power beyond your control? Conspiracy, despite seeming harmless, can turn into anything.

But if you decide that only magic can help you and want to use the magic rituals of attracting love, here are some simple, but they say, effective spells.

Love spell with sugar

Such a love spell can be used if, for example, you know a person well and have the opportunity to drink tea, coffee or another drink with sugar. When you drop sugar into a cup, say in a whisper:

"As sugar is sweet, so I'm sweet, like sugar is good, so I'm good. Without sugar you will not live and without me you will not live. If you try me for ever you will not refuse! "

Privorot on alcohol

Such a love spell is similar to the above presented, only alcohol is spewed, which you will have to pour the object of love into a glass with the words:

"Drink, get drunk, fall in love with me." The wine is intoxicating, the heart is burning with love "

Spell magic on money

Professional magicians can make a love spell on money. You can also try to read the house spell and wait for the result, which most likely will not come. In this case, the actions work well. Begin to treat money carefully, deal with your own thoughts, set the goal to earn them. It will not be superfluous to arrange feng shui items at home. This approach is the most successful and works much better than a hundred privorov, combined. When will people finally understand that they are strong and can improve their lives without any spells? If you correctly adjust your thoughts, then pick up the necessary wave, which will help improve any area of ​​your life.

Money Privorot with a Coin

But there are such privoroty for money that has been used since time immemorial and which to this day is considered a powerful tool on the road to wealth. Such a money charm is the Udmurt magical ritual.

The essence of it is that you need to take a coin, which you got an easy way (this is important), because easy money is believed to return quickly. Then, at sunset, you need to drop a coin in any vessel with water, saying these words:

"Rest your money. Come not in the morning alone. I'll call you until you come back. "

The remaining money is recounted several times.

At dawn the coin is taken out and put in a dark corner. If within a week there was no money in the house, the spell was repeated.

Spell magic at home

It is very popular among the younger generation. Most likely, it does not conceal anything dangerous in itself, because it is done without the necessary strength. There are certain conspiracies for candles, for the moon, for food and liquid. It is necessary to be guided by certain rules. But remember that restoring a relationship with love magic or spells for love can not solve all your problems.