Walpurgis Night - Plots

Walpurgis Night is held from April 30 to May 1. It is believed that at this time the boundaries between the real and the other world are blurred, and this allows you to travel both ways, both alive and dead. Given the powerful energy of this night, the magic rituals performed will be especially effective and effective.

Rituals and plots for the Walpurgis Night

On this day, you can conduct rituals that help in your personal life, in the financial sphere, and many others. The main thing is to have an unshakable faith in a positive result.

A plot in the Walpurgis Night for money

To conduct the ritual, you need to prepare six candles of green, one gold and nine white, and also pine oil and salt. Candles need to be well oiled and placed on the table in this order: in the center - gold, around - green, and then another circle of white. To begin the ritual it is necessary in the first minute after midnight. Take salt and sprinkle it around the composition of the candles. After that, you need to light a golden candle, then clockwise green and in the same direction white. The next step is to go around the improvised altar three times and tell the conspiracy to Walpurgis night:

"Three times Jupiter will go around the sun, money will bring me."

After that, sit for a while in silence and think about the money, which only increases in size. Candles must be extinguished in the reverse ignition order.

Plot from a rival in the Walpurgis Night

This rite will help to return a loved one if he went to another woman. To conduct it, you need to go to the stream on the evening of April 30 and collect a glass of water. For the ritual, only spring water is suitable. If there is no source nearby, then you can prepare the water in advance, but also on the 30th. Still need to have a fresh picture of a man. Exactly at midnight on Walpurgis night, put a picture in a glass of water and leave it there for a few minutes. Then take a photo, fill in the lips of your loved one with ordinary salt and tell the conspiracy to Walpurgis night, because it is this spell that will help to divert the man from the rival, but it sounds like this:

"I am water, you (the name of my beloved) are in my power. All the women and girls to whom you kiss your lips, is worse than salt bitter to you seem. I will become one for you fresh. As a person can not live without water for a long time, so without me you will not be. "

Then cover the glass with a photograph and put it under your own bed. In the morning, put the picture in a secluded place, so that no one can see, and the beloved should drink the tongue of water. By the way, it can also be poured into food. If you can not do this, for example, you do not communicate, then moisten the water at the door of the house where it lives or wet the rug at the door. The ritual acts quickly and within the next few weeks the beloved will definitely make itself felt.