Jamaica - beaches

Every year more and more tourists prefer beach holidays in Jamaica to rest in other places. Why? Most likely because in the application to the beaches of Jamaica the phrase "paradise" will in no way be an exaggeration. In Jamaica, the beaches are clean, the water is clear, and its temperature is almost constant throughout the year and is about + 24 ° C. Infrastructure resorts developed very well - there are also high-class hotels, and the opportunity - if desired - to relax actively. Add to this the sounds of reggae that perfectly match the beach, the sun and the relaxed state, and you will not only understand why Jamaica is best suited for beach holidays, but you also want to "taste" this incomparable combination.

So, which beaches in Jamaica are considered the best and where you can relax with the greatest comfort?


Negril beach is located in the western part of the island. This is not only the "beach number 1" of Jamaica, but also one of the top ten beaches in the world. Its length is more than 10 km. Negril is very popular with diving enthusiasts, because the sea is so transparent here that even at a depth of 25 m the bottom is clearly visible. Here the purest not only water, but also sand, from which stones are regularly cleaned, pieces of coral - so there is no danger to injure bare feet when walking along the beach.

Beautiful landscapes, some of the best hotels in Jamaica , and the opportunity to relax actively - for example, take a walk in the caves or the Negril lighthouse, go to the Black River National Park or to the Yas waterfall , visit the crocodile farm - attract many tourists every year.

Beaches of Ocho Rios

The best beaches of Jamaica - with the exception of the already named Negril - belong to the resort of Ocho Rios , which is located in the north of the island.

James Bond Beach is considered the most famous of them. It got its name due to the fact that one of the films of the famous Bondiana was shot here. The beach is located near the center of Ocho Rios. It is his preferred vacationers in Jamaica, Hollywood stars and other famous personalities. Right on the border of the beach is a lot of hotels, the most popular among them is the Golden Ai, or Golden Eye - the one in which Ian Fleming lived and worked.

A turtled beach , or Tuttle Beach, is located next to the main street of the city and has a crescent shape. The length of the coastline is half a kilometer. The sand here is snow-white, the entrance to the water is gentle, so the beach is popular with holidaymakers with children (besides the water due to the gentle beach line is warmer than on all other beaches of Jamaica). Popular beach and surfers - there is always a suitable wave for professionals, and beginners, and kayakers. The entrance to the beach is paid. There is a parking near it. Near the beach there are a museum, a cinema, an art gallery, a casino and a golf course. And for children it will be interesting to visit the amusement park Mystic Mountain. Not far from Ocho Rios there flows the Martha Bray river , through which tourists float on bamboo rafts. You can also go to the Dunns River Falls . Its height is 182 m; climb to the top of the waterfall can be on a specially laid trail, and after the descent - swim where its waters flow into the sea.

Both beaches provide a variety of equipment for water sports - here you can ride a jet ski, scuba dive, rafting, surfing and windsurfing.

Montego Bay

Despite the fact that Negril and the beaches of Ocho Rios are considered the best on the island, the priority among the resorts of Jamaica still holds Montego Bay . It is here that most of the entertainment centers, recreation areas, nightclubs, restaurants are located. However, the beaches of Dr. Cave and Walter Fletcher are not much inferior in quality to the same Negril. The water here has an amazing turquoise hue.

The Dr. Cave Beach is private, its width is 200 m. It has all the necessary infrastructure, including restaurants offering local delicacies. You can do diving, surfing, other water sports or just swim in the pool filled with mineral water - there are several such pools, and they are located right on the beach.

The Walter Fletcher beach is characterized by more calm water, which is why families with children often come here. In addition, next to the Marine Park, where you can jump on trampolines, play volleyball, tennis, ride a jet ski or a boat with a glass bottom to watch the amazing life of the inhabitants of these waters.

Long Bay

The semi-circular Bay of Long Bay in the area of ​​the eponymous city is one of the most picturesque places of the island. This place is very fond of surfers, including beginners - there is everything to learn to stand confidently on the board. Prefer this resort and lovers of a calm, measured rest - a large influx of tourists is not there, because the infrastructure here is developed slightly less than in other Jamaican resorts . The local population, who lives by fishing, is pleased to offer to spend time for this pleasant occupation and guests of the bay. You can stay here in one of the numerous boarding houses or rent apartments from local residents.

The beach of Long Bay Beach, stretching more than a mile from the city of Port Antonio , is famous for its pinkish sand color. Here fans like surfing and just nature lovers like to come, because the Blue Mountains , where the highest peak of Jamaica is located, and the virgin rain forests are located nearby. Near the beach is also the Bay of the Dolphins .

Tresche Beach

Treshe Beach is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth, near the town of the same name, the neighborhood which is considered the birthplace of Bob Marley. This is one of the best beaches on the south coast of Jamaica.

Tired of the hot sun, you can go to the factory that produces the famous Jamaican rum, or a boat trip on a boat trip. Also the beach offers surfing, diving, fishing, biking and horseback riding, golf.

Other Beaches

You can also note the popular beach resorts in Jamaica, such as Westmoreland (it is for some reason often chosen by Russian tourists), Raneway Bay , White House Bay , Treasure Beach, Kav Beach, Cornwall Beach, Boston Bay Beach , as well as the Blue Lagoon beach, which is located near Ocho Rios - there was shot the eponymous film.

Nudist Beaches

Jamaica is the leader in the number of places "naked rest" and attracts nudists and naturists from around the world. The main nudist beaches of Jamaica are located in the nudist centers of Hedonism II and Hedonism III. The first of them is in Negril , an hour and a half drive from Montego Bay . The hotel offers 280 comfortable rooms. The beach is called Au Naturel Beach, it has a swimming pool, a transparent jacuzzi, a bar. In Negril, there are other "naked" beaches with swimming pools, volleyball courts and other places of entertainment. Here you can also watch an erotic show or participate in a thematic contest, very frivolous.

Hedonism III is on the opposite edge of the island, in Ocho Rios . There are other beaches for nudists in Jamaica - many hotels provide separate zones for fans of "recreation in kind".