Belize Airport

Belize is a small state in the north-east of Central America. Every year it is visited by numerous tourists from different countries, who are attracted by the opportunity to swim in the Caribbean Sea and see with their own eyes stunning natural, architectural and cultural attractions . The first place that travelers get acquainted with after flying to this country is Belize International Airport.

Belize Airport - description

The airport of Belize bears the name, which is consonant with the name of the famous local politician - Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson. Its official name sounds very long and difficult to pronounce - Philip SW Goldson International Airport. Therefore, the locals gave him a simple and short name - Philip Goldson.

The airport is located close to Belize City , only 14 km away. It was opened and began operating since 1943. Despite the fact that it is considered the main airport in the country, it has a small size. On its territory there is one runway, the length of which is 2.9 km.

In general, the airport is focused on serving local airlines, which constitute 85-90% of its total load. The number of flights that depart during the year amounts to more than 50 thousand, and the number of passengers who make flights reaches more than half a million people.

On the territory of the airport there are small shops, where you can buy souvenirs, you can eat in one of the two restaurants, there is also a currency exchange office.

Other airports in Belize

In addition to Philip Goldson in Belize, there are other airports that are located in almost all major cities, as well as on islands of considerable size (Caye Chapel, San Pedro, Caye Caulker). With their help, local flights are carried out, which is very convenient for both indigenous people and tourists. This makes it possible to travel around the country not only by land transport, but also by planes. At the same time, airports are very different, they can be both with a new runway, and those that are used for planting abandoned sections of roads.

In the capital of the state - Belize City, in addition to Philip Goldson there is another airport, intended exclusively for local flights. It is called Airstrip (Belize Municipal Airport).

How to fly to Belize?

The easiest way to fly to Belize will be to those who have a visa in the United States. In this case, the path will lie across America, and the transplant will take place in Houston or Miami.

If the flight will take place from Russia, then you can recommend the following route: Moscow - Frankfurt - Cancun (Mexico) - Belize . In Germany, a transit visa will not be required if the route lies through the airport of Frankfurt, the passenger does not move out of the airport zone, the flight takes place within 24 hours.

To carry out transit through Cancun (Mexico), you will need to issue an electronic permit. It takes only a few minutes, and in the country you can stay up to 180 days.

To get to Belize, you need to have: