Indots - breeding, maintenance, care at home, nuances of cultivation

How to look like Indots, breeding, maintenance, care at home and other issues are of interest to people who are thinking about their breeding. Birds do not require the creation of special conditions, but they also have excellent rates of growth and are rarely sick.

The contents of home indoors for beginners

Musk ducks are ideal for breeding, as they do not require the creation of any special conditions. For example, they do not need a reservoir, which will replace the usual trough used as a drinker. In addition, for two months the chicks gain enough weight for slaughter. If the care and maintenance of the Indotics is organized according to the rules, the Indots will not be sick. Begin the breeding should be with 30 goals, but you can, and reduce the number of birds. For every five females it is necessary to have a drake.

What is the difference between a duck and an Indotka?

Externally, a musk duck is easy to distinguish from a normal duck because it has an elongated and wide body. The main difference between the duck and the Indotka is the presence of a fleshy growth that resembles that of a turkey. When males are active, then on their head they can see an interesting menacing crest. In addition, it is worth noting that it is easier to breed Indotests than ordinary ducks. They also win by comparing meat, which is not as fatty in a musk duck, so it is considered dietary .

Breeds of Indotests for Home-Breeding

Domestic birds are quiet and unpretentious, but they differ in the color of feathers. The weight of drakes is 4-6 kg, and females - 2-3 kg. For a year you can get 80-120 eggs. The best breeds of Indotests for keeping and breeding houses:

  1. White . Color is rare and in nature such feathers do not occur.
  2. Black and white. The birds have a black back, but the breast is white. Their eyes are black, and the beak is red with pigments.
  3. Brownish-white. Practically an ornamental appearance, in which the plumage of the body is coffee-brown, and closer to the tail it acquires a chocolate shade. On the head there may be white feathers.
  4. Black. In these birds the plumage is completely black and there is an unusual green ebb of feathers. On the neck there may be white feathers.
  5. The blue one. The duck is relatively new and its feathers are bluish-gray in color. Head and neck are white.
  6. White with a picture. Birds have white plumage with black impregnations. Feathers form beautiful patterns.

Care of the indotecks

Although breeding birds is not difficult, there are still a few recommendations regarding the care of ducks at home:

  1. Indots are not considered overland, but they do not tolerate the presence of dampness in places where they are kept. In the poultry house must necessarily stand a trough with water, which will serve not only the water tank, but also the bathroom.
  2. The breeding of Indotests includes the correct distribution of birds, so there should not be more than four adult musk ducks per square meter. As for the ducklings, the number can be increased to eight.
  3. Thinking over the content, keep in mind that the birds are unpretentious to the temperature, so it is not necessary to control that the house is warm.
  4. Care at home includes regular cleaning, as it should be clean. It is recommended that the bedding be changed periodically using fine sawdust or straw. In addition, good ventilation is important.
  5. To properly develop indotki, breeding, maintenance, care at home, imply mandatory paddock, because it is forbidden to keep them in cages on a permanent basis. Birds are important walks and especially when it's warm outside. Adult birds should be released no earlier than 10 am, because before that time they carry eggs. Territory for the walk should be clean, because indotki can swallow various small items, which can be dangerous to health.

How to feed Indotec at home?

Feeding ducks should be balanced, but they are not unpretentious in eating. Feeding indotok at home is based on these rules:

  1. The basis of the diet - cereals, for example, corn, barley or oats. In addition, the right content implies the inclusion of vegetables and greens in the menu.
  2. As additives used yeast, bran and cake. Sometimes you can pamper the porridge with greens.
  3. To grow a healthy bird, you can not use warm and hot food.
  4. On the day Indotecs need a liter of water and about 400 grams of feed.
  5. In proper care it is indicated that for a sturdy shell, birds should be put in food in chalk and shells. For digestive processes you need small gravel.

Describing food indotki, breeding, maintenance, care at home, it is important to pay attention and ration of chickens. The daily chicks can boiled egg, which is ground and poured on the back. The next two days is preparing a mixture of milk, bran and boiled eggs. After that, prepare a mash with cottage cheese, onion, spinach and a small amount of crushed grain. From the fifth day, add chopped meat to the mixture, and from the tenth - boiled potatoes.

Why are not the Indots being carried?

Sexual maturity occurs at the age of 6-7 months. If you are interested in the beginning of the indochia, the birds in most cases lay eggs in the spring, when the light day lasts 12-14 hours. Adult ducks can give eggs back in February, and if the temperature in the house is maintained at 19 ° C, then in January . The peak of egg production falls on June-July. Do not rush indoutki if breeding, maintenance, care at home is wrong: poor nutrition, the presence of parasites, inappropriate age of birds, too often extracted eggs and other errors.

How to arrange nests for indotok?

In order for a bird to house eggs at home, care should be taken to create a nest. To do this, you can take a conventional box of cardboard. In addition, you can use barrels, tin containers, wicker baskets and the like. Put a burlap or any other natural cloth on the bottom. The dimensions of the nest for Indotests are calculated for 3-4 birds: height - 40 cm, width - 30-40 cm, and length - 50-60 cm.

How to put an indoctka on eggs?

The female must itself express a desire and here it is a question of natural instinct. A musk duck can refuse a nest if it is improperly equipped, too low air temperature or masonry is small, because it needs about 20 eggs. There is a trick how to plant an indoctrine to incubate eggs - prepare the snag - plastic balls of suitable shape and size. When the hen begins to sit on the dummy, you can begin to replace the balls with real eggs. Every day, check the masonry for the presence of new eggs, which should be seized.

Diseases of Indotions - Symptoms, Treatment

Breeding and maintenance of birds requires a study of the development of possible diseases. The most common diseases of Indowds and Pests:

  1. Puffper. The presence of such parasites causes uneasy behavior and contributes to the loss of feathers. For treatment it is necessary to carry out treatment with a mixture of sulfur fodder with sand or ash.
  2. Qatar. Inflammation of goiter develops when feeding with poor-quality food or because a bird swallowed some foreign object. Determine the disease can be on goiter, which becomes swollen, and Indotka refuses to eat. At first the goiter should be washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After this, home care includes the use of antibiotics with penicillin.
  3. Lack of vitamins. If the cultivation is inadequate during cultivation, then there is a shortage of various useful substances. To make up, you need to add flour from beans and silage, and also include vitamin-mineral complexes.