How to help a child with teething?

Rarely, what kind of mother can boast that the teeth of her baby were cut almost without problems. Basically every second family faces numerous difficulties caused by this physiological process. To pay attention, or not to pay attention to them, depends on the severity of the situation, because sometimes the child has a fever, and he constantly cries, so that he needs the help of adults.

How to help the child with the eruption of the first teeth?

Before the young mother receives her first "dental" experience, she will be overcome by a lot of questions on how to help the baby with teething. This process begins long before the white tooth appears distinctly on the gum. From the age of three months the child constantly pulls everything in his mouth - his own fingers, the edge of the diaper, the string from the baby's rasp, toys and so on.

But the first tooth will appear about 5-6 months (as the statistics testify), and even later - by the year. In order to somehow reduce the pain in the gums, babies are bought by teethers - rubber rings or other figures filled with distilled water. They are cooled, placed in a refrigerator, and given to a child. He intensively chews, removing the itching, and the cold freezes the pain.

In addition, competent pharmacists can advise on how to help the baby with teething. These are pharmacy products, which are based on anesthesia and inflammation of the gums. Most often in this case, gels are applied that are applied directly to the inflamed gum and surrounding tissues and rubbed into it for a minute.

If the process of eruption is accompanied by diarrhea, which is also not uncommon, you can not do without diarrhea drugs. It can be Smecta, Nifuroxazide, Ftalazol and other drugs that are allowed for infants. From high temperatures will help Panadol, Nurofen or candles with Analdim.

How to help the child with the eruption of molars?

Erection of molars, which occurs at the age of 5-8 years and ends, as a rule, at 13, does not cause such problems as were with milk teeth. But some babies still sometimes complain of pain, especially when it comes to molars - chewing teeth, classified by dentists as 6, 7 and 8.

Help during the eruption also can children's gel, for example, Dentol, which will anesthetize and relieve inflammation.