Color of aura - value

Aura is an energy field that can not be seen. They carry complete information about the physical body of a person. The color of the aura can be different, and it has its own meaning. By the way, it can be transformed depending on the circumstances in which the person resides.

Meaning of the colors of auras


This color meets with the leaders. Such people are often choleric, and they are seldom chewed by conscience. They constantly take on more than everyone else and take their decisions in their own way.


This color is inherent in house-building people with a well-developed inner voice. They are quite firmly on their feet and for life are brave souls who like to compete. Such people often challenge and go for any restrictions. By nature they are a combination of choleric and sanguine.


The meaning of this color of aura is expressed in man by creativity and sharp mind. For them, the main goal is self-expression. Such people believe that their life time is given to receive all pleasures. By nature, a man with such a sanguine aura.


With this color, wrestlers are born with destiny, they need it to achieve their goals. They have the gift of healing, stubbornness and firmness. This color of aura is inherent in bankers. A person with such an aura likes peace and relaxation in nature. In addition, they are quite strict towards themselves and surrounding people. By temperament they are phlegmatic.


This color is inherent in freedom-loving people who love various trips. In the shower they are always young and they always say what they think. Quite often people with such an aura live in the past, not paying attention to the present. Temperament - melancholic.


The blue color of the aura has such a significance: it is inherent in caring people who like to solve other people's problems. Most of them devote themselves to religion or science. People with such an aura are characterized by mood swings and pronounced intellect.


The purple color of the aura is as follows: it is inherent in spiritual people who have wisdom. There are many surprises in their lives, they constantly experience ups and downs. People with such an aura love the inexplicable and mysterious and all their lives are searching for a clue to these phenomena. They also differ in fearlessness, although they are physically weak.


People with such aura dreamers with a rich imagination . They are very trustful, they try to see in people only positive qualities.


Such people can sacrifice much for the sake of dream realization. Sufficiently responsible, hardworking and purposeful. Often their energy affects others.


The owner of this color dreams of financial well-being. For himself and others, he sets a high standard. On the one hand they are gentle and caring, but on the other hand they always defend their point of view.


The main goal of the life of such people is to serve something higher with full dedication. By nature, they are peacemakers with a pure soul. They constantly raise their intellectual level.