Chalcedony stone - properties

Chalcedony is a translucent mineral, which combines a whole series of stones, differing in their structure and color. Since ancient times it is believed that the mineral of its owner endows certain abilities.

The magic properties of the chalcedony stone

It is believed that this mineral has a feminine origin. He helps a person to choose his own way, and also to adjust the situation in his personal life. If a woman wants to find her love, then she needs to wear a bracelet from chalcedony on her right hand. In the East, amulets were made from this mineral, which help drive away anguish. Note the protective properties of the stone chalcedony, because it allows you to protect yourself from evil spirits, various negative and even from bad dreams. It is best to use an untreated mineral that has tremendous energy. Chalcedony contributes to the purification of the chakras, and also it allows to achieve inner harmony.

An important property of the stone of green chalcedony - it can warn its owner about the danger. In this case, the mineral begins to grow turbid. If such a stone is picked up by bad people, then it loses its bright color. You can use green chalcedony as a "dream catcher". Another such talisman is a friendly talisman.

The magical properties of the stone of pink chalcedony since ancient times were used by seafarers. They took one stone with them, and left the other at home, which allowed them to maintain good relations in the family , and also to protect themselves from danger. Another such stone has the ability to radiate joy and absorb sadness. Lonely girls pink chalcedony will help protect themselves from deceivers and find your soul mate.

The magical properties of blue chalcedony help to forget about outbursts of anger and bouts of melancholy. Another mineral is considered a stone of love, which is capable of provoking mutual feelings in the heart, both women and men. Blue chalcedony has strong soothing and healing abilities.

It is recommended to use ornaments with chalcedony to people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign can gain self-confidence and gain additional energy. The magical properties of chalcedony will favorably affect the sign of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. To representatives of this sign the mineral will help to achieve success in business, to strengthen health and to be protected from various negatives. It is best to wear a small stone as a pendant or keep it in your pocket.