Paraguay - shopping

Paraguay is a small country in the center of South America. Many tourists, going to this country, are wondering what to bring from here as a souvenir.

Features of shopping in Paraguay

When going on a trip, take into account the following facts:

  1. The main currency here is the local Guarani, which consists of 100 centimos. There is a strong inflation in the country, so new new denominations are constantly appearing. In addition, the state has Argentine pesos, Brazilian reales and American dollars. To make money exchange is best in banks and exchange offices in the territory of Paraguay, it is rather difficult to do this outside. The facilities are open every day, except Sundays, from 08:30 until 16:00, break from 13:00 to 15:00.
  2. Prices in the country are low and much lower than in neighboring countries: Argentina and Uruguay . The best place for shopping is the big cities ( Asuncion , Ciudad del Este ), which have shopping centers. If you do not want to make major purchases, and are looking for local souvenirs, then they can be purchased in any village.
  3. Shops in Paraguay usually work like this: on weekdays from 08:00 to 19:30, on weekends - from 8:00 to 18:00, Sunday in many institutions is a day off. At the same time, almost all of them are closed for a siesta, which lasts from 12:00 to 15:00, except for private cafes and large shopping centers.

What souvenirs should I buy in Paraguay?

If you want to buy something exotic and reminiscent of the country, then pay attention to locally produced goods:

  1. Nandouti. It is a cape made by hand from a very thin lace by women from the city ​​of Itagua .
  2. Kalabas. An original pumpkin product designed to brew traditional mate tea.
  3. Exclusive jewelry made of gold and silver. Removal of them from the country is allowed, and the price starts at $ 30.
  4. Figures of colorful chicken. Usually they are white, gray and black. Are a symbol of the country; it is believed that they bring home love, health and well-being.
  5. Ceramic products. Bizarre figurines, sonorous bells, unique plates, original costume jewelry made by local artisans, their price starts from $ 5.
  6. YERBA MATE. These are popular local bowls made of silver.
  7. Ao poi ("aho poi"). Multicolored Paraguayan sports shirt, adorned with local folklore motifs.
  8. Hammock of Paraguayan production. It is distinguished by excellent quality, it is considered one of the most durable and beautiful in the whole world.
  9. Leather Products. Belts, purses, bags and a purse, the prices for them are democratic (from $ 50), and the quality is at the highest level.
  10. Skins of wild animals. They can be taken out of Paraguay, but this requires special documents confirming the legitimacy of the purchase.
  11. Traditional sombrero made from palm leaves.
  12. Carved figures of wood. Usually made in the form of mythical Paraguayan characters.
  13. National clothes. It is made of natural cotton and embroidered by hand.

An excellent souvenir will be woven baskets, wood products, jewelry made of stone and silver. Fans of local culture should buy traditional musical instruments and Indian arrows with onions, as well as unique Paraguay dolls. If you want to take out tree seedlings or diamonds, they will need an accompanying document.

The most popular gift from Paraguay, of course, is the traditional mate tea. It is saturated with vitamins, contains a large number of nutrients, cleanses the liver and improves the digestive system. This drink has an unusual taste, and its cost starts from $ 6 per pack.

Most popular destinations in Paraguay

In the capital of the country, in the area of ​​Recova there is a large number of souvenir shops selling local goods. The city of Ciudad el Este has a duty-free zone, which is the main shopping center. Here there are big department stores, where you can buy different goods for every taste and purse:

  1. Shopping China Importados is a large center where Chinese products are sold, prices are democratic, there are often promotions and special offers, the staff is courteous and attentive. There are several cafes and restaurants.
  2. Paseo La Galeria - in the center there are many branded shops. The department store itself is bright and clean, there is also a supermarket with a good selection of products.
  3. Shopping del Sol - is considered one of the best shopping centers in the country. Here there are restaurants and a cinema, there are shops with a large selection of clothes at affordable prices.
  4. Monalisa - in the mall recreated the French spirit. In the luxurious institution there is an excellent wine list and a huge collection of branded watches. Here, more loyal prices for branded goods than in neighboring countries, so this is the favorite department store for tourists.
  5. Shopping Paris is a four-story department store, in which there are a huge number of shops with a variety of goods: perfume, porcelain, alcohol, sweets, electronics, etc. Staff here are polite and competent.

While in Paraguay, be sure to go shopping and buy various souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones who are looking forward to seeing you at home.