Argentina - interesting facts

Surprisingly hospitable, bright, lively and carefree - all this is Argentina , interesting facts about which will interest those who were born and grew to the north. This state located in South America, certainly worth a visit, to see first hand real football and visit the famous tango festival .

Top 20 interesting facts about Argentina

Although the state is not a Mecca of pilgrimage for tourists, a variety of interesting and unusual facts about Argentina will be very curious. This country is inhabited by people who are almost not different from Europeans, and yet it has its own unique color:

  1. The most light-skinned Hispanics live here, in Argentina. This is explained by the fact that local colonists did not respect mixed unions with indigenous tribes.
  2. The name of the country comes from the word argentum (silver), because once there found deposits of this precious metal. Now in Argentina, more attention is paid to the extraction of lead, gold and tungsten.
  3. Despite the fact that this state of Latin America, it feels the refined spirit of Italy, in the religious priority Catholicism, and the style of life is almost European.
  4. The most attractive places in all of Argentina for tourists are Patagonia , Pampas and Andes. These mountainous regions, almost untouched by civilization, cause indescribable ecstasy among adherents of the wild nature and those who read Jules Verne.
  5. For fans of tango, it will be superfluous to learn that this sensual dance originated here, and after that it spread all over the world.
  6. The real icon of football - Diego Maradona - was born and lives in Argentina. Here, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires , he once kicked the ball, and not suspecting that the whole world would soon find out about him.
  7. One of the interesting facts about the country can be considered that in Argentina, more than anywhere is eaten meat, namely beef. For each inhabitant of the state, its consumption is approximately 50 kg per year.
  8. Even the able-bodied people do not consider shameful in the country. The streets of the capital are inundated with those who ask for alms.
  9. Reading literature is not popular among the inhabitants of the state. For them, such leisure is a waste of time. Education in the state is at a fairly low level.
  10. Despite the fact that from June to August in Argentina, the temperature drops to 11 ° C, residents do not want to acquire warm clothes and prefer to freeze, but not to dress up warm.
  11. Not only in offices, but also in apartments it is customary to walk in shoes. No one is shocked here and the fact of lying shod man on the couch.
  12. Local residents practically do not eat fish that are rich in the waters of the Atlantic. These marine life are mainly for export.
  13. The most popular topics for discussion are politics and football. The whole country, from small to large, is the fan of its national team.
  14. The palm of the championship in terms of the number of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts can be safely given to Argentina. Almost every average citizen has his own "vest" for emotional outpourings.
  15. The most famous street in Buenos Aires is Caminito . On it you can see unusual exhibitions in the open air, houses of various colors and sculptures of unimaginable forms. There are always full of tourists, for whom many shops with souvenirs are open.
  16. Argentina is a country of museums . There are more than hundreds of them in the capital, Buenos Aires.
  17. A major disadvantage of the indigenous people is their non-mandatory and non-punctuality. For them, there is nothing to be late for a meeting for an hour or forget about it at all.
  18. In Argentina, a rather high life expectancy is 75-80 years.
  19. Once a year, the city ​​of Puerto Madryn is flooded with tourists who came to see whales during the mating season.
  20. The country occupies 3 climatic zones - there is a warm ocean, mountain glaciers and quiet forest lakes.