Mysticism of Chernobyl: frightening events connected with a catastrophe

The animals left Chernobyl before the catastrophe, because they knew that the portal to hell would soon open ...

The largest nuclear disaster in the history of mankind occurred on April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Explosion of the fourth reactor caused a slow and painful death of more than 200 thousand people, and the total number of victims, according to various estimates, is 3-4 million people throughout the disaster zone. It is still shrouded in many secrets and legends - strange precursors and consequences ...


Some details of the emergency ceased to be kept in the strictest secrecy only decades after those terrible events. And it's not just about the true number of victims, but also the incidents that preceded them. In January, four months before the accident, there was not a single pet in the radius of 30 kilometers from the place of the forthcoming explosion. Pets first began to behave strangely - they beat their heads against the wall, became aggressive, yelled and rushed about the apartment.

In the newspaper "Molody Ukrainy" in February of the same year, a small article appeared that all the animals had strangely disappeared. They escaped, and this incident was written off for a mass disease. All the posts in Chernobyl were hung with announcements of rewards for the pets found, but none of them was found. It turns out that thousands of animals ran away from their homes at their own volition, anticipating trouble?

Chernobyl nuclear power plant - a portal to hell?

One of the participants of the events in Chernobyl, Lydia Arkhangelskaya, several years ago published her memoirs from visiting the disaster zone. She confessed that she had not seen a single living being, except people, at work. Lydia said:

"Even the crows did not circling. It was terrifying. Before going to bed, we often discussed what happened to the nuclear power plant in fact - we could not believe that the perpetrators were scientists. They said different things - like, scientists opened the entrance to hell and real evil escaped from the underworld. Local residents said that the next day after the accident saw the face of the devil. "

Aliens - enemies or assistants?

Eyewitnesses-liquidators also told about strange objects in the sky, like flying saucers. Soviet ufologist Vladimir Azhazha was sure that aliens had a hand in what happened in Chernobyl. Shortly before his death in 2009, he gave interviews:

"I personally interviewed more than a hundred people who saw UFOs on the eve of what happened in Chernobyl, and on the night of the catastrophe, and even weeks later. In total, four types of unidentified flying objects were observed in the zone of the Chernobyl NPP. These are traditional "discs" disk-shaped with a dome from above, cigars, luminous and constantly changing color balls and triangles. I want to believe that the alien mind has come to our aid. "

After him, they rushed to collect eyewitness accounts and other specialists in the paranormal. Valery Kratokhvil, a scientist from Gostomel, collected and analyzed the testimony of witnesses who participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the disaster, which his predecessor had not had time to talk about. Many of them saw fireballs floating in the sky above the reactor. And after 1986, UFOs were often seen on Chernobyl. However, they did not want to make direct contact with the person.

Vegetable mutants

After the disaster, rumors began quickly spreading about zombies, mutated animals and people glowing in the dark. Nobody could confirm their existence, but there was evidence that there are vegetables of unprecedented size.

The soil around Chernobyl was poor enough, so she absorbed radioactive cesium and strontium like a sponge. These extremely dangerous metals played the role of super fertilizers. People used them for food and contracted a deadly disease that changed not only their body, but also consciousness ...