Visa to Argentina

This country is the birthplace of passionate tango, very beautiful girls and real mouth-watering steaks. Annually, its culture, picturesque landscapes, the capital, the archipelago Tierra del Fuego , mountains, oceans attract many tourists. If you already plan your summer vacation and are going to Argentina , find out if you need a visa and what is necessary for its registration.

Type of visa

In order for you in the embassy not to be denied the opening of a visa, it is important to determine the type of visa:

  1. Working. It can be obtained only by those who already have work in this country. In this case, the main documents need to attach an invitation from the employer.
  2. Tourist. It is issued for 90 days. In a year it can be received no more than twice.

Do I need a visa for Argentina for Russians?

When you enter the country, you need only show your passport. But for Russian citizens, you need to open a visa to Argentina, but only if you are going to stay in Argentina for more than 90 days. If the duration of stay in the country of tango is not more than 90 days, then you can not burden yourself with visa registration. This is the case if your goal is tourism, visiting close relatives or transit.

In 2016 for the Russians, some amendments were introduced in the issues of issuing a visa to Argentina. If the purpose of the trip is work, study or you plan to rest more than 90 days, then make out the documents in advance.

Registration of a visa to Argentina in the consulate in Russia

For this, it is necessary to prepare a number of the following documents:

The consular fee is $ 50.

Documents for a visa to Argentina for Ukrainians and Belarusians

For citizens of Belarus for a visa you need to go to Moscow. The list of required documents is given above. The visa is made for 3 days:

The visa should be issued not earlier than 1 month before the trip. As for the visa for Ukrainian citizens, all necessary documents are submitted to the Argentine Embassy in Kiev.

Addresses of embassies

Addresses of the Embassies and Embassies of Argentina:

Addresses of embassies in Argentina: