Geranium oil - properties and applications for beauty and health

The oil of geranium, the properties and application of which has been studied very well, is in demand today. It is used not only by adherents of alternative methods of treatment, but also by professional medics, cosmetologists, culinary specialists, perfumers. Many brands add air to the production of household chemicals.

Geranium oil - composition

Typically, the remedy is painted in a yellowish or yellow-green color. The ether has a sharp geranium smell with admixtures of rose and mint. Its popularity is due to the fact that in its composition, geranium oil has a huge amount of useful substances. Depending on the variety of the plant, their set may vary, but the effectiveness of the agent does not decrease at all.

The main components, due to which the geranium oil properties and application has received, are as follows:

Geranium oil - properties and application in cosmetology

This is a very useful tool. To describe everything that has geranium oil, properties and their application in practice, it will take an hour. Someone is familiar with this ether, as with an excellent remedy against ENT diseases. To someone, he helped get out of the depressive state. And there are those who, with the help of geranium oil, purify their aura after communicating with "heavy and dirty" people.

There are many other useful properties of the substance:

With the help of oil, you can fight headaches and cardiovascular diseases. It removes the spasm of blood vessels, minimizes the manifestation of ischemic disease, normalizes the work of the heart, eliminates tachycardia and arrhythmia. Ether helps reduce blood sugar. In addition, geranium stimulates the work of the kidneys, liver, restores sexual functions, eliminates unpleasant odors.

Has found the use of geranium oil in cosmetology. Mainly because it is completely non-toxic and does not irritate the epidermis. Ether can be safely used by owners of all skin types. Thanks to geranium, the cellular structure of the skin is restored more quickly, and the epidermis becomes soft, supple, silky. Antioxidant properties of the drug effectively fight small wrinkles, tone up the skin and enrich it with nutrients.

Geranium oil for hair

Trichologists recognize geranium oil - the properties and application of the tool are learned by professionals. Doctors are allowed to use the oil during the every-night combing. Only there is one condition: the ether must be diluted. The optimal proportion is 5 drops of geranium per 10 ml of any vegetable oil. It is best to choose a base that will match your hair structure to the maximum.

The use of ether is simple: just add a couple of droplets of the diluted mixture to the comb and comb the locks from the roots to the tips. This will provide extra hair for the hair. If you also massage the head with a brush, the curls will become stronger and grow much more intensively. Among other things, the ether contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

Essential oil of geranium for hair in a mask


Preparation and use

  1. Esters and base mix and slightly heat.
  2. Warm the mixture slowly in the scalp.
  3. Wrap the head with cellophane and leave for half an hour.
  4. After 30 minutes, remove the film and thoroughly wash off the mask.
  5. Within three weeks, the hair will become much healthier, shiny and obedient.

Geranium oil for face

Ether is useful for all skin types:

  1. Sensitive and damaged epidermis geranium calms.
  2. Dry, coarse and flaky skin due to the ether will become moisturized and soft.
  3. Withering skin after the application of geranium oil will look younger, restored and enriched with nutrients.
  4. It also has a beneficial effect on oily, problem skin. In the latter, after contact with the ether, less sebum is produced, and the sweat glands begin to work more correctly.

Geranium oil - its properties and application of cosmetology like for the opportunity to restore local immunity of the skin, prevent infection with skin infections. In addition, the remedy quickly heals wounds from insect bites, cuts, frostbite and other defects. It is also used to combat the external manifestations of couperose and bleaching of the epidermis.

Oil of geranium for face from wrinkles


Preparation and use

  1. Peach the crispy in a blender until smooth.
  2. Chilled cream and geranium mix and combine with the fruit.
  3. Clean the face with a cleanser.
  4. With a spatula, evenly distribute the mask throughout the skin.
  5. After half an hour, wash it off with a cotton pad.

Geranium oil - use of acne


Preparation and use

  1. In the clay add tincture and essential oil of geranium for the face.
  2. Apply a herbal compress on the face to steam the skin.
  3. The composition of the mask is spread evenly over the epidermis.
  4. After 20 minutes, rinse with cold chamomile infusion.

Geranium oil for breast

The flower ether regulates the hormonal balance by affecting the adrenal cortex. As a result, the elasticity of the chest increases. If you use the essential oil of geranium in combination with the essence of ylang-ylang , the condition of the epidermis will improve, and the general appearance of the bust. To take advantage of the useful properties of the product, you need to mix the oils (or pour a couple of drops of pure geranium ether), warm up in the palms of your hands and massaging the movements into your chest.

Geranium oil - use in medicine

The remedy is widely used. The geranium oil, the properties of which are described above, can be used in the form of applications, lotions, inhalations, compresses. Often, the ether is used in aromatherapy. Geranium - an excellent antidepressant, which relieves of fatigue, fear, aggression. After a session of aromatherapy with geranium oil, mental and physical activity increases, the well-being improves.

Oil of geranium in otitis

The ether acts gently, but effectively. A few minutes after application, geranium oil starts to work, and relief comes. As a rule, the drug is buried inside the ear (1-2 drops for one procedure). After that, the shell is wrapped with compress paper and cotton wool. At night, the ear must be covered with a bandage. To eliminate the symptoms of otitis , enough couples - three procedures.

Oil of geranium from genyantritis

The methods of using the ether for inflammation of the sinus sinuses are different. Geranium oil, pre-mixed with thyme or pine, can be used for massage of the back and nose. Effective compresses with geranium, which you need to impose on the forehead and nose. You can take the geranium oil inside, but it is important to remember that for internal use, the ether must necessarily be mixed with vegetable oil, honey, dried fruit, jam.

Oil of geranium from nail fungus

Use the ether should be started immediately after the discovery of the first signs of fungal attack. Preparing the medicine is simple and it will not take much time. Thanks to the fact that the essential oil of geranium has fungicidal properties, the medicine will act quickly, and after a few days the nails will look healthy, and the symptoms of infection will disappear.

Remedy for nail fungus


Preparation and use

  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Using a cotton swab, distribute the medicine over the sore nail.
  3. Proceed in the morning and evening.

Oil of geranium against ticks

Insects do not tolerate the smell of ether. Thanks to this, the geranium oil was widely used. It is used not only to combat mites. Geranium Spray will save mosquitoes, midges, fleas and other insects and the consequences of their bites. To prepare a remedy, you need to add a couple of teaspoons of oil in a bottle of water and shake it. Spray such a repellent can be everything, including clothes and bedding.

Oil of geranium - contraindications

Although it acts gently, geranium essential oil is not allowed for everyone. Contraindicated remedy for:

How to make geranium oil at home?

Ether can be bought in a pharmacy or cooked by yourself. However, it will take a long time to extract the extract of geranium oil at home. Out of 0.5 kg of fresh leaves, no more than 1 g of medicinal product will be obtained.

To get the air, you need:

  1. Place the raw material in a flask with a small amount of water.
  2. The container is closed with a stopper with a tube inserted at an angle. The last flask will be heated with an alcohol lamp.
  3. Having heated up to the necessary temperature, green will start to allocate an ether which leaves through a tubule with steam and settles down on walls.