Pregnant Eva Longoria temporarily left work to rest with her husband Jose Baston

On Monday, 43-year-old actress and fashion model Eva Longoria was seen along with her husband Jose Baston on one of the beaches of Miami. Now the celebrity is in the seventh month of pregnancy and will soon take his first-born in his arms. Despite this, Eve is trying to lead a fairly active lifestyle: work, exercise moderate physical activity and, of course, actively rest. A confirmation of this were numerous photographs that appeared today on the Internet.

Eva Longoria

Longoria can not work without work, but she needs rest

About a week ago, 43-year-old Eve gave a short interview in which she told that her life now is very harmonious and all thanks to the fact that she feels in demand in different areas. This is what Longoria said about this:

"It seems to me that now I'm in a" golden "state, when everything suits me. I took place as an actress, producer, fashion designer and restaurateur. Very soon, for the first time, I will become a mother and understand how to take care of the little man you love the most. Next to me there is a husband who gives me a huge amount of tenderness and love. What else is needed for happiness? I think that only because I'm always busy with something, I'm happy. To be in constant movement is mine and the next I will not. The only thing that I pay most attention to now is to rest, because I need it more than ever. "
Longoria on the beach

And judging from the shots that were posted on the Internet by photographers, Longoria decided to give herself a rest after spending a few hours in the company of Jose under the sun on the beach. The famous actress looked pretty pacified and calm, and even when she saw the paparazzi, she did not react in any way. On Eve, you could see a light light sundress with a large shuttlecock, an orange swimsuit and a small straw hat. From the accessories on the star sunglasses and big earrings-rings. After spending several hours in the sun, the couple walked slowly to their car, which was parked nearby. Judging by the way Eve and Jose looked at each other with their eyes, it was evident that harmony and love reign over their union.

Jose Baston and Eva Longoria
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For Eve, motherhood is a curiosity

Recall, in December last year it became known that Longoria and her husband Baston expect the first-born. The child should appear in May this year, and Eve is looking forward to his birth. That's what the actress said about this:

"In my life there are a lot of children, and different ages. This is the nephews, and neighbors, and the kids of my friends. But for me personally motherhood is a curiosity. Last time I read a lot of literature and watched a lot of different films that tell about it. I think that I already have enough theoretical knowledge to take care of the baby, and practical ones will come with time. "