Correct food - menu for a week for a girl

The correct nutrition program for losing weight for a week will allow everyone to appreciate all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right food for your menu, you can not only improve the body, but also get rid of excess weight .

How to make a plan for proper nutrition for a week?

Scientists have long defined the basic principles that will allow everyone who wants to switch to proper nutrition.

Fundamentals of the correct nutrition program for the week:

  1. It is necessary to refuse fried, sweet, smoked, baked, etc. Such food is high in calories, and there are practically no useful substances in it.
  2. It is important to drink plenty of water, because it is needed for metabolism. The daily rate should be at least 1.5 liters, and this volume includes only pure water.
  3. A proper nutrition schedule for a week should include five meals. Such a scheme helps maintain metabolism and does not feel hunger.
  4. Portions should not be large, so as not to measure the gram, you can focus on your palm, which is placed portion.
  5. For breakfast, you need to eat carbohydrates (cereal, bread), which will give energy for a day, and you can supplement them with a small amount of protein (cheese, cottage cheese). In the evening, carbohydrates are acceptable, but they should not be much, but the main emphasis should be on vegetables and protein (fish or meat). The ideal option for dinner is a protein presented by cottage cheese, which can be supplemented, for example, with berries.
  6. As for snacks, but they should also be useful, so it is worth to give up from biscuits. Between the basic meals you can eat unsweetened fruits, nuts, drink yogurt or just tea.
  7. Important and the way of cooking and for the preservation of useful substances, you must choose baking, stewing, cooking, and you can cook on steamed or grilled.

Example of a proper nutrition menu for a week for a girl: