Chocolate biscuits

The biscuits are a common name for some genera and types of baked goods (pancakes and pancakes are also biscuits). Ingredients for the preparation of biscuits can include not only flour of various cereals, but also cereals, eggs, dairy products, various flavorings.

In a narrow, familiar for our mentality understanding, biscuits are dry or fatty biscuits (mostly savory, such as crackers) that can maintain their nutritional quality for a long time (about 2 years). A popular product for seafarers, travelers and military. Characteristic properties of the biscuits are: a layered structure, easy maceration and good wetting in liquids.

A special kind of galette is chocolate biscuits, this batch is worthy of being a part of breakfast or lunch, besides it is a wonderful dessert, combined with tea, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, mate, rooibos and other hot invigorating drinks.

In ready-made biscuits sometimes contain various unuseful additives. Therefore, we will tell you how to make chocolate biscuits at home.

Chocolate biscuits



Mix in a bowl of cocoa powder with sugar so that there are no lumps. Add flour, cinnamon, salt, rum. Stirring. Depending on the desired fat content, we choose water or milk, or cream or mixture. Gradually adding the liquid, mix the steep dough. We mix it thoroughly, roll it in a com and let it be separated for 30-40 minutes. Roll the dough into a layer about 3-4 mm thick, cut into squares or rectangles (if you want to get other shapes, use a punching mold, for a round shape - a glass). We cover the baking sheet with oiled baking paper or simply grease the baking tray with a piece of lard. We spread the biscuits and oven-dried them at a temperature of about 200 ° C until ready (about 30-40 minutes).

You can also bake biscuits in a frying pan, greased with bacon. If you do not want to use fat, add 1 st. spoon of vegetable oil.

Even better, if you have a special 2-sided figured metal press-form book. In this variant, we put a dough into the mold and press it, removing the remnants of the cake (it can be done not too steep). Cooking on a burner with a coup or in the oven. Such biscuits can be stored long enough.

Approximately following the same recipe, you can prepare more nutritious chocolate nuts or chocolate biscuits with cottage cheese. Just include in the test the finely ground nuts (any) and / or the cottage cheese rubbed through the sieve.

To make chocolate biscuits with cream, it is necessary that the cream is viscous enough and well hardened, so it makes sense to make a cream based on a strong solution of gelatin or agar-agar. The cream can be chocolate, fruit, creamy, nutty and / or with other natural flavorings.

Spread the surface of the ready-made biscuits with a cream using a silicone brush and leave until hardened.

Useful chocolate biscuits with oat flakes and nuts

This recipe for those wishing to maintain the harmony of the figure.



Mix cocoa with sugar, and then with milk or water. Add the rum and cinnamon. Fill this mixture with cereal and wait until they swell well. We add nuts and an egg. Thoroughly mix. If the dough turned out too liquid - correct the density of flour.

Bake or in a frying pan, greased with bacon or on a baking sheet in the oven.

Sugars and flour (that is, fast carbohydrates) in such biscuits at least, the remaining ingredients - only useful.