Berry pie

The cake with berries is always delicious and aromatic, but, of course, provided that the recipes are in accordance with the prescription proportions and cooking technology. As a rule, the process of creating such baking is simple and does not require special knowledge and skills. Several variations of berry pie in our recipes below.

Curd and berry pie in the multivark



Initially, we combine yolks, cottage cheese, starch, salt, vanillin and sugar in a bowl and mix everything thoroughly and whisk. In a separate vessel, we convert proteins with a mixer into dense foam and introduce them to the total mass, gently intervening. Now put half the dough into the oily capacity of the multi-device, distribute the berries on top and cover them with the rest of the test. After fifty minutes of cooking in the "Baking" mode, the cake will be ready.

Berry pie on kefir



Berry pie on kefir is prepared in three counts. Shake with sugar selected chicken eggs, add vanillin, kefir, baking powder and flour, pour a homogeneous dough on an oiled baking tray and distribute berries on top. You can optionally sprinkle them with extra sugar. It remains only to wait for the baking of the pie in the oven, heated to 185 degrees. This will take about fifteen minutes.

Open berry pie from short pastry with sour cream


For the test:

To fill:

For filling:


Razirayem soft margarine with flour, then drive the egg, sprinkle the baking powder and sugar, hastily knead the dough and place it for an hour on the shelf of the refrigerator.

During this time we prepare the pouring, for which we beat with sour cream and egg sour cream, and then add vanillin, sifted flour and once again break through all to splendor. Berries are mine, dried and mixed with starch. If the berries are frozen, then defrost them and drain all the liquid.

We distribute the cooled dough on the bottom of the mold, decorating the sides, put the berries on top and fill it with sour cream.

We send the product for baking in a preheated oven to 185 degrees. After about fifty minutes the pie will be ready, but it can be cut only after it has cooled down completely.