Benefits of Prunes

Prunes are dried plums. Use it both in raw form, and in the preparation of cakes, pastries, sweets, compotes and meat dishes.

Not all varieties are suitable for drying, basically, they choose Hungarian and Renclode . The process takes place in two stages - processing in boiling water and drying for steam. Blanch prunes in order that it retains useful properties. More benefit in prunes, dried with a bone. When choosing a prune, pay special attention to its color - it should be black and a little dull. The glossy sides of the fruit indicate that they were covered with glycerin. A good prune does not bitter, it is sweet, with a slight acidic note.

Benefits of prunes for the body

  1. Prunes are rich in pectin substances, which remove from the body heavy metals, radionuclides and nitrates.
  2. Vegetable fiber, included in its composition, stimulates the digestive tract, absorbs mucus, accelerates the passage of food through the intestines.
  3. Organic acids stimulate the work of the stomach and pancreas.
  4. Prunes are rich in vitamin B1, which participates in the enrichment of the brain with glucose (which significantly affects the improvement of memory) and B2, which is necessary for the work of every cell in the body and participates in the redistribution of energy in the body. Also, in prunes, there are many important trace elements.
  5. The extract of this dried fruit has a unique antibacterial effect, it is especially effective in the treatment of salmonellosis and staphylococcal infections.
  6. A powerful immunomodulator. It significantly increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases.
  7. Prunes are recommended for oncology, since it contains a large amount of antioxidants.
  8. Decoction of prunes improves eyesight.

The use of prunes for women

Talking about the benefits of prunes for women - it's like talking about its benefits to beauty. Thanks to its constituent vitamins, prunes improves the complexion, the look of the hair and nails, smoothes the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles. The choleretic action that it exerts on the body helps with weight loss.

Not only is the use of prunes for weight loss. Due to the ability to remove toxins and toxins, it normalizes the digestion process, which is extremely important when dieting. But lean on it is not necessary, as prunes are a fairly high-calorie product. A couple of fruits before meals can significantly reduce appetite, and between meals - serve as a good snack. Thanks to all the same vitamin B1, he is able to raise the mood and vitality, which is simply necessary for heavily slimming people. And, finally, we can not say that prunes are an excellent substitute for sweet.

Benefits of Prunes in Pregnancy

Future mothers sometimes have such health problems, about which they did not even hear. One of them is an increase in blood pressure. To solve this problem, a decoction of prunes is simply irreplaceable. Also, prunes have antibacterial properties that prevent the propagation of pathogenic bacteria, and can replace even some medicines that are not desirable to be taken by pregnant women. Prunes also help in diseases of the oral cavity, inflammation of the gums, stomatitis, which often accompany pregnancy. Of course, we can not say about its laxative effect with constipation, which often appears in expectant mothers. In the last months of pregnancy, when a woman can no longer eat a large amount of food, the prunes will be useful for her high calorie intake. But nursing mothers do not recommend it, since it causes colic in the child.