What do you need for a boy's christening?

The sacrament of baptism is an important step on which Orthodox Christian parents are being resolved. It is important to prepare carefully for the ceremony, but do not worry too much about it - the priests in the church will necessarily prompt an answer to any question and help to get into all the details. We will consider what is usually needed for christenings.

What you need to know before the christening?

It is very important that at least one of the parents is an Orthodox Christian, and the child's godfather himself was baptized not later than 15 years, was a righteous man, regularly confessed and communed.

There is no right answer to the question of what the godmother needs before the boy's christening. According to the church tradition , if the godfather is chosen alone, then he must be of the same sex as the child. By the way, a baby can be baptized when he reaches 40 days of age. A day can be chosen by anyone, be it a fast or a church holiday.

What do you need for a christening boy and a girl?

Previously it was believed that everything needed to buy the godparents, but in the modern world, spending is divided in half, and sometimes parents take it upon themselves. It is better to agree on this first.

So, consider what you need to buy for the child's christening:

  1. A brand new consecrated cross and a ribbon or ribbon for him as a chain.
  2. Brand new white christening shirt (made of natural fabric).
  3. Candles (find out the number of church employees).
  4. If these are the infant's christenings, they take a diaper and a diaper for him.
  5. If the godson is already quite old, slippers, change clothes and sheets are taken for him.
  6. Handkerchiefs for all women who will attend the sacrament.

Each church has its own traditions and recommendations, so choosing a place to perform the sacrament , it is worth talking to the priest and clarifying what the godmother needs for the christening.