Excommunication of the baby from the breast is a very important step, it should be decided on, thoroughly weighing everything. It is important that the child is ready for the fact that he will no longer receive breast milk. That is why it is impossible to establish a certain period, to which it is possible to breast-feed, and after which - it is impossible.

Weaning the baby from the breast

Remember that a sharp weaning is a psychological trauma to crumbs. Painless weaning from the breast is possible only when the child, to a certain extent, psychologically and physically can do without the mother's breast. Excommunication after a year is something that any mother should strive for. If there is a desire and the opportunity to continue breastfeeding and longer, then it should be done.

Weaning in summer and winter

Excommunication and transfer to artificial feeding and lure differs depending on the season. The first thing that a mother should remember is that a child should receive a sufficient amount of fluids. That's why you need to give the baby more water, juice. And in the summer the amount of liquid should be 30% more than in winter, as the child sweats and at the same time loses a large amount of moisture.

Natural excommunication from the chest is an excommunication that is minimally felt by the child. Usually this is the time when the baby does not need a breast more often than 1-3 per day, and the application is carried out mainly in connection with sleep.

At first it is recommended to skip feeding, replacing them with lure. Then you can refuse to feed at certain times of the day, for example, in the morning or in the evening. Gradually, breastfeeding will be reduced to zero. For each child, the time of excommunication for mother's breast will be individual. Someone will have enough month, and someone can not get out of breastfeeding for six months.

Than to smear a breast at excommunication?

Methods of weaning can be different. Mom can build the system of excommunication herself and follow it, she can leave the child for a certain time, or it can discourage the child from taking a breast. For the latter, you can use taste or visual repulsive factors. For example, you can smear your chest with something bitter or sour, so that the child can suck. You can also spread the greens on your breasts so that your baby's breasts seem unfamiliar or unattractive to sucking.

Plot for excommunication

Many believe that mild weaning is possible with the help of a conspiracy. " As the wood does not yearn for the tree, so the child would not have longed for the breasts " -the words that the mother should say, looking through the window through the head of the baby.