Vitamins in the diet

Girls who are fond of diets, have repeatedly seen an indication of this type: "this diet is unbalanced, and during it it is necessary to take vitamin complexes." It seems that everything is simple, but it's worth going to the pharmacy, and it becomes clear that this is not an easy task: the fact is that there are a lot of vitamin complexes, the composition and form of release are different for everyone, and it is difficult to understand what to choose from this variety . We will understand what vitamins to take with a diet.

Vitamins in the diet: what and why?

Now more and more girls are trying to lose weight in a short time, so the fashion is unbalanced, hungry diets, because of which the whole body suffers. Food is not only energy for life, but also a source of vitamins and minerals that participate in metabolic processes and allow the body to function properly. That's why vitamins and diet are inseparable things.

What vitamins to drink when dieting?

Depending on what kind of diet you follow, you need to take different vitamin complexes. Often diets are built on the fact that either proteins are excluded, or fats, or carbohydrates, and all this is not the best way to affect the body. Let's consider what vitamins are necessary for a diet in each specific case.

  1. Vitamins with a protein (low-carbohydrate) diet . If the diet is based on chicken, fish, beef, cottage cheese, cheese - your diet is classified as a protein. In this case, your body suffers from a lack of vitamin C and most importantly - fiber. It is recommended to take bran or mixtures like "Siberian Fiber", which can be found in any pharmacy.
  2. Vitamins during a vegetarian diet (low-protein) . If your the diet is based on the consumption of vegetables and fruits, the main thing the body needs is vitamins of group B, as well as A and E, which are mainly found only in food of animal origin. Get a full complex of vitamins B, also enriched with A and E, or buy them separately.
  3. Vitamins for low-fat diet . A diet that restricts fats can have a bad effect on health. While you practice it, it is recommended to take capsules with fish oil - modern packaging allows you not to feel its taste, but to get everything you need.

Take vitamins should be in accordance with the directions on the package, regularly, by the course, and not just during the diet. Those. if the diet is a week, and a 2-week course is recommended, it is worth to drink vitamins all 2 weeks.