Victoria Beckham style - secrets of fashion image

Screaming colors, ultra-short dresses, deep neckline, tights-net and lacquer boots - in such clothes one of the vocalists of the popular pop group Spice Girls appeared in front of camera lenses. To date, this bad taste and no trace left, and Victoria Beckham style inspires fashionistas around the world to create relevant images.

Victoria Beckham - fashion style

Starry "pepper", marrying David Beckham, one of the most successful players, was often under the sights of fashion critics because of unrestrained love for defiant outfits. Condemnation and even outright ridicule induced the girl to improve her own style. She refused to wear tight pink mini-dresses and shorts, reminiscent of underwear. Now the forty-two-year-old singer, who founded her own business in the fashion industry, for many is the standard of elegance and femininity, pleasing images in the sustained classical style .

Victoria Beckham's style in everyday life

Being a public person, Victoria Beckham's everyday style is not associated with simple leggings, stretched sweaters and sneakers. Any way out of the house for her is an occasion to demonstrate a good taste. Wearing straight or tapered jeans with a tight shirt or elegant blouse, she necessarily completes the image with exquisite shoes on a high thin heel, which is her business card. Even on a walk with children, the star looks amazing, choosing short dresses of an A-shape or models in the style of a baby doll, made in a laconic design.

Victoria Beckham - sports style

To see Victoria in sportswear is possible only in the gym, which she visits daily, or on a run. Low growth and love of the classics do not allow her to wear sneakers, t-shirts, leggings. Some elements of the sport include Victoria Beckham's street style, but in this case the images are filled with elegance. If the top, then tight-fitting, if the sneakers, then bright! In her wardrobe are noticed hoodies, sports baseball caps and black trousers with stripes. The latter, by the way, were criticized because of the ubiquitous paparazzi, who caught the star at the exit from the supermarket.

Victoria Beckham - evening images

Beckham prefers dresses-cases, skirts of medium length, straight trousers and fitted blazers. Her favorite color scheme includes shades of beige, outfits for special occasions are made mostly in white or black. Evening images of Victoria Beckham differ restraint. She chooses gowns that emphasize the breasts, as well as models below the knee with a closed top. The conciseness of the styles is diluted with decor in the form of stones, drapery or lacing. Shoes with stunning heels are an integral part of Victoria's bows.

Victoria style dresses Beckham

Many celebrities wear Victoria Beckham costumes, the cost of which varies within $ 2000, but she prefers clothes created by designers Chloé, Céline and Balenciaga. Almost all dresses combine a noble fabric with a smooth texture, a fitted silhouette, a length just below the knee and minimalist decor. Playing with classical colors, the star dilutes their triviality with an unusual cut of outfits, experimenting with neckline cuts, sleeves length. Among the casual outfits you can see short dresses in the style of the seventies and direct models with basques.

The best images of Victoria Beckham

List the best outfits Victoria Beckham difficult, because they are many. In the autumn, she was pleased with the image in the style of total white, wearing a long skirt with an asymmetrical hem and a sweater oversize with sleeves-lanterns. Accent onions were shoes with leopard print and sunglasses. Once again, the animalistic print that decorated the bag was used by Victoria in a monochrome image made up of classic trench and narrowed beige trousers. Drawing attention to stylish experiments with mustard and blue flowers, Beckham's favorites in the new season.

Victoria Beckham's Hairstyle

Even in autumn the length of Victoria's hair reached the shoulder blades, and in December she decided to change. Now she wears an elongated square, giving her hair a slightly careless look. In the past, "peppercorn" experimented with the color of hair, turning from a burning brunette into a seductive blonde, and then into a redhead. What kind of hair do Victoria prefer?

  1. Loose hair . They can be perfectly smooth, separated by a central or lateral parting, and slightly twisted on large curlers. Apparent simplicity of such laying Victoria is leveled by sunglasses worn at any time of the year.
  2. The pony tail . In order for the hair to look better, the celebrity leaves several side strands free, and at the back of the head creates an additional volume. Evening version - tail with smoothly combed hair.
  3. A bunch . This uncomplicated hairstyle Victoria uses as an everyday. A careless bunch perfectly complements the images with laconic short dresses.

Fans also remember the short hairstyles of Victoria Beckham, who, with their appearance, created a new trend in the world of hairdressing. Recently, she prefers a dark chestnut shade, which looks natural and emphasizes the color of Victoria's eyes.

Victoria Beckham - haircut bob

Struck by fashionable women more than a decade ago Victoria's haircut was different from the classic version by the presence of elongated strands on each side. She was immediately dubbed a pop-bean (in the pop group the girl was called Posh Spice). As Victoria Beckham noted, the bean's hair allowed her to soften her pointed chin, and thanks to her flaxen hair and graduation her hair looked thicker. "Peppercorn" experimented with styling, combing her hair smoothly and making light waves. For several years she did not change her image , but the women of fashion continued to ask hairdressers to make them a haircut, like a singer.

Victoria Beckham - cut hair

Until 2002, Victoria Beckham, the style icon for Spice Girls fans, wore quads with a central or lateral parting. Then experiments with color began, and the haircut remained unchanged. In 2002, she made a bean, which they call - a haircut in the style of Victoria Beckham, or pos-bob. Styling options from the star:

Seven years the singer wore a stylish bean, which became a fashionable trend, and in 2009 she drastically shortened the length of her hair. Then it was rumored that Victoria Beckham with a short haircut and a simultaneous fascination with the classic style of clothing is trying to be like the legendary Audrey Hepburn. By the way, Victoria Beckham's fashionable images of the past years are still relevant.

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Victoria Beckham's Makeup

The main problem of a successful designer is an acne prone skin with enlarged pores. Looks like Victoria Beckham without makeup does not matter, but working in a team of stars makeup artists skillfully mask defects, focusing on beautiful brown eyes. Victoria's signature make-up is smoky eyes , made in black or gray tones, brightened inner corners of the eyes, underlined with terracotta cheeks and lipstick nude. Occasionally, when creating evening images, she resorts to red or dark cherry lipstick.