Secrets of Beauty Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is known as an actress, model and just a beautiful and spectacular woman. Many consider it an ideal, and this is not in vain, because thanks to external data, charm and natural charm, she was able to make a smart career, to marry successfully and provide herself with a stable income.

Monica's style is a classic that emphasizes her sexuality and femininity. Evening long dresses, high heels, neatly laid out luxurious hair, always a moderate make-up and a charming smile on your face - that's what distinguishes this popular actress.

Secrets of the wardrobe of Monica Bellucci

In everyday life Monica Bellucci prefers restrained clothes. As a rule, these are trousers or jeans with practical shirts and blouses. Sometimes an Italian actress is seen wearing hats and sunglasses. Such a conspiracy helps to avoid the attention of both the press and fans.

At the solemn events, Monica Bellucci always wears dresses. The impeccable taste of a sultry Italian helps to unerringly choose a style that emphasizes the feminine curves of her figure.

In the Monica Bellucci outfits, one can often see a deep neckline that emphasizes the perfect line of the actress's chest. The length of the maxi is an integral part of her style, because the dresses in the floor perfectly extend the silhouette, making it slimmer and slimmer. Especially spectacular Monica Bellucci looks in red outfits, which emphasize the beautiful color of the skin and luxurious forms. Italian "kinodiva" believes that beauty becomes interesting and alive only when it is hidden by clothing.

Secrets of harmony Monica Bellucci

If you look closely at Monica, then, looking at her slender figure, you might think that time is not powerful over her. As the actress admits, there are no sports activities and rigid diets in her life.

Due to the right balanced diet and the principle of a small portion, which she adheres to for many years, an actress without constant diets, maintains a good physical shape. For rapid weight loss Monica Bellucci has a special diet, which consists of fish, vegetables and low-fat meat.

In one interview, she confessed that it looked good, you can only be in a great mood. Another secret of harmony is that Monica Bellucci, mostly wears black dresses, which, if properly selected, can hide the flaws of the figure.

Monica Bellucci's Hairstyles

As it should be Italian, the actress has curly long hair, which is her natural decoration. At different stages of her career, she changed her image. Monica Bellucci was seen with a short haircut, and a red, and also with a square on the shoulders.

Whatever the image of Monica Bellucci, he is always worthy of imitation and is proof that one can achieve success by having rounded forms and weight over 50 kg.