Tattoos Lindsay Lohan

The American actress and pop singer Lindsay Lohan has a passion for tattoos. A young and talented girl (she is only 26 years old) has many leading roles in the cinema and many problems with the law due to a scandalous lifestyle and some "habits" outside the stage and the cinema.

Tattoos Lindsay Lohan are very original - these are words, phrases and sometimes even whole sentences. They appear as a result of an exit from the next impasse situations in which the actress has an amazing "ability" to fall.

Live Without Regrets - "Live without regrets" - this tattoo Lindsay is very eloquent and symbolic. Yes, and what to regret, when you are still so young, beautiful and still ahead. On the lower back of the beauty is another tattoo - La Bella Vita - "Life is Beautiful" , and on the right wrist the word breathe - "breathe" . Lindsay Lohan has another tattoo on her wrist - I restore myself when I'm alone - "I regenerate my strength when I'm alone . " This famous phrase Marilyn Monroe appeared in Lindsay after a quarrel with a close friend.

Probably, thus, Lindsay manages to restore balance and return to life in order to start a new stage. This is confirmed by another tattoo - Everyone's star and deserves the right to twinkle - "Every man is a star and has the right to shine . " Well, when this radiance radiates joy and happiness. Perhaps Lindsay Lohan's tattoo on the index finger shhh ... - "Quietly" - a kind of warning to the actress: enough scandals, house arrests and litigation. It's time to return to the exciting world of fashion, cinema and the big stage.

The girl is really very talented, incredibly good-looking and has a slender figure for envy. Maybe that's why the love of tattoos does not prevent Lindsey from getting interesting offers and wonderful roles.