Bianca without makeup

All known and many beloved young performer Bianca each time fascinates fans with her incredible images. However, despite the fact that many stars put up their photos without make-up in social networks, the star does not hurry. She never appears before the public unpainted. Paparazzi many times tried to "catch" Bianca without make-up and make-up, but she is always ready for an unexpected meeting with them.

What does Bianka look like without make-up?

The appearance of the young singer has always been the main topic for discussion, and fans have long been eager to see their idol in a natural way. And despite the fact that Bianca does not go unpainted, nevertheless, some of her images were as natural and natural as possible. Namely lipstick in the nude style , slightly tinted cilia and shadows of pastel tones. It is worth noting that in this form the queen of Russian r'n'b looks very nice and feminine. But the usual make-up to us, where the stars are brightly marked lips and eyes, adds to the girl a couple of extra years.

Secrets of beauty Bianchi

Looking at the singer in a natural way, the question arises, how does she manage to keep herself in shape and look young and attractive with such a tough schedule? Of course, she, like many stars, has her secrets, which help her in such a rapid rhythm of life to maintain beauty and health. Bianca gladly shared them with her fans:

  1. The girl confessed that she very much likes to eat deliciously, and when she goes on tour, she does not deny herself the pleasure of feasting on different delicacies and national dishes. However, upon returning home, she takes herself in hand, drinks yogurt and yogurt and quickly comes to form.
  2. Also support her figure to help her dance. The girl really likes to dance and what's more, she does it perfectly.
  3. Bianca is one of the few owners of luxurious hair. And not for nothing that they look healthy and shiny, because she pays special attention to them. You can say that they are the calling card of the singer. Bianca, because of the busy schedule, can not afford frequent visits to beauty salons, but uses one proven folk remedy to restore her hair, which helps her a lot. The mask is quite simple and consists of natural black bread (without any additives) and egg yolks. It is used once a week and applied to the roots of the hair. After half an hour the mask is washed off with warm water.

Find photos of Bianchi without make-up and photoshop, it's not easy, however we picked up pictures where the star of Russian hip-hop is presented in more natural images.