Types of business letters

At the first acquaintance with the business correspondence may get the impression that this is too complicated a system. In fact, different types of business letters organically correspond to the needs of an individual in interaction.

Business letter on cooperation

The first bridge between possible future partners is, as a rule, a business letter on cooperation. Representatives of the two firms can already get acquainted and conduct preliminary negotiations, but the official contact will be the letter on cooperation.

Important points for this document:

Business letter of the meeting

If successful, the next step will be a business letter of the meeting. This type of business letters can reduce the number of intermediate stages of negotiations and affect the success of the upcoming meeting. The interested party should think over the details to the smallest detail:

Such a prudent business letter will help to avoid misunderstandings, discrepancies, other unpleasant moments that may affect the outcome of negotiations. Based on the results of the negotiations, another business letter is written about the meeting - but already in the form of a report on the results achieved. It serves the same purpose: to make sure that partners correctly interpret the agreements reached. The second party is invited to confirm the minutes of the meeting or to make amendments, as a rule, for one day.

Other types of business correspondence

With already established relationships, most often, these types of business letters, such as a business letter-request and, accordingly, a letter-response. With any changes in arrangements or when additional information is needed, one firm sends another request letter.

To maintain existing business relationships or to establish new ones, such types of business letters as business letter-invitation and business advertising letter are provided. The firm can organize a conference, exhibition, seminar and so on - and invite real and potential partners, in the person of management or the whole team. It will be cheaper to send out a sales letter, but the return from it is much lower.

Business etiquette involves a letter of gratitude in response to the fulfillment of the request by the counterparty or for other cooperation.

Some types of business correspondence may be more difficult to write. It:

In these documents, it is especially important to maintain a benevolent and respectful tone. As for the letter of request, then, according to the rules of business ethics, the pleading formulation is used even in those cases when in life there would be a demand.

What to look for in business correspondence:

A business letter, written with these nuances in mind, will make a better impression of your sender. And in the business world, this will help open the right doors.